Thursday, 11 March 2010

Day Ninety Nine & A Hundred - 100 day come down

Last two days *queue Sinatra's 'My Way'* there are not huge good deeds...

  • Wednesday - Feeling ever so glib about missing the 100 days exhibit I arranged to see Wifey who was equally out of sorts. Both of us being completely indecisive and flappy we randomly decided that a spontaneous bout of bowling would do the trick. After pre warning each other that we were both massively shit at the sport, we both surprised each other by playing quite well. We deduced that together we were good so perhaps we should start a league. So today's good deed was cheering up Wifey and blessing the world with a new, very small, bowling league.

  • Thursday - The last day. The last good deed. Looking after Geoff for Mum again. Particularly bad today, the worst I have seen in a long time. Poor Mum crying and Geoff asking if we can let him kill himself. I am sure he'll be alright by next week, but I wish I could do more for my lovely Mother. Possibly the most incredible woman who ever did exist.
So my last photo I leave you with is of my Mother. Leading Geoff down the old temporary ramp pissing her self with laughter as she had armed him with her umbrella hat, a broom and some scissors to protect him from the rain and foliage. I love this photo.

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