Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Days Ninety Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven & Eight - big catch up, sulking that I can't make the exhibit :(

Sorry everyone, a mixture of being busy and sulking has left me behind right up til the end...

  • Thursday - Short day at Uni. Handed in the card for Mo as my good deed, poor Mo. We all met in the library and came to the conclusion that non of us had done any research for our debate and that we were basically screwed. Eliza then picked me up so that we could meet the electrician then laze around in the garden basking in the sunshine and the imagery of how it will look when it's done.... sigh.
  • Friday - A good day at Uni-tard, although I struggle muchly with one of the women in my study skills class I was very refined. Elisha and I swooped round the Uni bar asking people to fill out questionnaire's and be filmed whilst we ask them questions. My good deed for the day... Scatter knowledge of STD's to the students of Derby. It amazes me how little people know about STD's and the contraception that is out there. 95% of them said they could never talk to their parents about it, how very sad. My parents gave me detailed information whether I wanted it or not. It stuck though, clean as a whistle - always used a condom!
  • Saturday - hiked to work feeling a little grogsome after a nights heavy drinking with Wifey and Lobster at their work do pretending to be a member of staff. Work was good, I do like it there. My good deed, helping a woman who wanted all her work framing wanting guidence and confidence. She used to paint and draw all the time then something awful happened and she just stopped. In the last year she started again and it's made her feel better, she thought it very good that I was training to be an art therapist as she felt it was the best medicine for her. Her confidence was obviously very tender - but her work was incredible. Homeward bound after work where I spent my time horizontal on the sofa feeling smug about the size of my telly and the reducing size of my arse.
  • Sunday - Due to the beautiful weather today I cleared the studio and garden. It was so nice with the sun blazing and Radio 4 purring gently out of my little wind up radio, summer is coming, I can feel it in all that water i'm retaining. My good deed was get my friends a job doing my garden, my landy lord was going to ask someone he knew but I pursuaded him to let me use my friends. It's partially shelfish as I prefer to have people I know scrunting about in my garden.
  • Monday - Woke up massively early today. Decided i'd head in early to Uni tard, which was very handy as I had forgotten that I had a meeting about my degree. My good deed is deferring my degree for a year, so that I can help Mum more. I can earn more money to help pay for respite care for Geoff so Mum can have time alone in the house, and as I won't have Uni I can go to hers more often and care for him so maybe she can go swimming again, or just sleep.
  • Tuesday - Beautiful day; mooched into town to meet Aimee and the little Potato. My good deed for the day is a free photo shoot for her of the beautiful potato. She's exhausted and really enjoyed the time with him. My photo for today is of them.

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