Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Day Ninety, Ninety One and Ninety Two - Due to power failure at home I'm stealing tintyweb

I was really getting into the swing of writing these on time and then all my electrics went poof so I had no tinty web... woe is me. Here are my days:
  • Monday - Long day at Unitard, generally enjoyed it aside from the shrill girl in psychology who is only 19 and you can tell was the head bully at school. I hurried homo as my Tall friend and I had jolly plans for the eventide so I wanted to hose myself down in the garden and swing the cats around by their tails. When I got home I noticed the trip switch had gone and every time I tried to turn it on it went again. After using all my man brain I could muster I deduced it was the old wiring which was setting it off (only my kitchen has been rewired, one wall of my kitchen has more plugs then the rest of the entire house) so felt very grumbly and sorry for myself as this meant no TV, phone or tinty web :( I then felt very glad that I was going out. My Tall friend picked me up and we headed to Quode where we threw food at ourselves (and got to see Wifey, always a tummy squeezing pleasure) and by chance bumping into Pinty! Who arrived with a tall serious gentleman, not entirely sure what he had made of us as we were proudly showing some art of a quizzical French gent we had mastered out of the remnants of our dinner. We then watched the film; Micmacs, made by Jeunet - one of my favourite directors ever (proud creater of both Amelie and Delicatessen) Absolutely LOVED it. Set in a junk yard where they live and invent stuff which was my dream as a child. I grinned throughout. My tall friend dropped me hope and the cats and I looked at each other sadly. Shortly after there was a knock at the door and My Tall Friends face was smurched against the mottled glass, feeling sorry for me in my cold dark house he'd returned to bring me back to his so I could get a warm nights sleep. After drinking some fine wine and rolling around on the floor with Minky I nosed dived into Lettuce's bed (taking full advantage in her abcsence) I am lucky with my mates.... Oh yes, my good deed. I gave directions to some new lost souls at Unitard, I sense I look the least scary out of everyone there, mainly as I look like that weird creature who lives in the junk yard at the end of Labrynth.
  • Tuesday- Woke at My Tall Friends and scootched downstair for a cup of tea with Minky and a quick eel mail check before throwing tes at my Tall Friend before he took me home. After much sadness and a cluster of small strops in the kitchen about not having internet I decided to take it out on the garden which had been massively neglected since I left Eyebrows. I had always done the gardening but when I had to leave for a month it got out of hand and he'd accidently broken the strimmer. I got loads done though. My good deed was ringing round many, many electricians to try and find the cheapest option for my landlord. People say I should just leave him to it no matter how much it costs, but I have a fantastic landlord and I have lived here for nine years, I think he definitely deserves a good deed, he's a bloody good chap. Looks like the whole house will need re-wiring, bar the kitchen. I discovered that if I dragged an extension through from the kitchen I could get the tintyweb back so I could fall asleep to 4od, so it ain't that bad really.                Here's the garden, believe it or not; this is after I had been working on it for 4 hours.. pity you wont get to see the finished product, 100 days are nearly up :(
  •  Wednesday - Woke up feeling more comfortable then I had in ages. Due to me having an un scheduled night away all of the cats slept on top of me last night and it was actually one of the best nights sleeps i'd had in a long time, perhaps it's their purring. I got up and tidied up all the kitchen as it was covered in garden from the previous days thrashing about outdoors. I strode off to Uni tard and bounded up to Sam and Lee with my coffee and copy of the Independant and we all sat together being old and repugnant until we hunkered up to Literature. We discovered that poor old Mo's husband had died yesterday, as you may remember she used to talk to me about him when it got too much. We don't know when she'll be back in again, so I made her a card which  I'm going to put in her office in the morning, poor Mo. After that we had Maths which was, as ever, brilliant fun. With just the four of us including Professor Wheeto. After which Berty kindly picked me up as she's off work. We loitered around the Shire as Geoff was seeing a therapist for the first time then we headed to Mum's. My good deed, helping Mum again by sorting the house, cleaning, cooking and looking after Geoff. Wish I lived closer, I really enjoy it and spending time with my idiosyncratic and utterly amazing Mother is one of my favourite things in the world. All good at Mum's, Geoff's got a new bedroom and bathroom, it's well swanky, and a new wheel chair, I did point out it was a little Stephen Hawkings esq but letting Mum and I on it with the glitter glue and neon boob lights and bob's your uncle (fanny's your aunt)                   Found an old photo of Geoff in the 80's, I'm the toothless beauty perched on his shoulder. He has always sported that 70's hair cut, even now. His hair dresser did threaten something more modern when he came to do his hair in hospital pointing out he couldn't escape, but he didn't... I would've


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  1. What a lovely post! Yes, the tall chap is really quite serious. But after lots of wine, he lightened up, encouraging me to be a bit of carefree and reassuring me it did have to go anywhere. As if!