Sunday, 28 February 2010

Day Eighty Nine - Sorry, helping out a friend again...

Last night I was chatting to an old friend, Dannii, who sounded massively depressed. I felt awful as we used to talk every day but in the last 6 months both of us have been massively busy. The thing is, where I have been more of a sociable bird he's always been a bit of a loner. Strange really, he's one of the kindest people you could know; once he lets his guard down, but you do have to chip away at him for a good year. Because of this he doesn't talk to many people and I felt awful that I hadn't thought more about how he was and made more of an effort.

I was woken this morning (my only day I can lie in) by a text message at 8am. After swearing and flinging cats about and generally acting like I was having a drunken brawl with an invisible goose I discovered my phone. A text from Dannii. Just wanting to know if I was free today. I decided to try and get that extra hour of sleep and then I text him after. This was the day I had been looking forward to for quite some time:

A planned day alone. This differs from the accidental day alone as you always feel a little flouncy and spend a lot of the day exhaling through your teeth and swinging your arms. Planned days alone are brilliant, usually occur after being very busy and when you have done all the jobs you wanted to get done. Casual, calling people to chat for hours, reading The Independant on Sunday, walking around Sainsbury's long enough to do a fantasy shop then put all the stuff back again (when you rush the shop, you buy the fantasy stuff) watch a foreign film and, in my case today, sort out your packed lunch for Uni all week making it interesting and healthy so you don't get bored and slide under the sneeze guard at Upper Crust hoovering up the baguettes. Ahhhhhh...

I decided to simply say 'Yes' to Dannii. Made sure the house was extra clean as he was one of those ludicrously tidy people. His old house with his ex boyfriend always looked like Ikea; they even used to fan their magazines! I'd perch on their sofa PETRIFIED I'd spill something on their beige furniture, and the flat would always be boiling. I remember one summer they had the heating on the whole night and I spent the majority of that night lying on the floor of their metal balcony sizzling like bacon... I digress...

I made sure the house was clean and I even put the heating on. Usually I scrunt about the house wearing everything I own getting wedged in doorways and struggling to tie my shoes. Not today! Sadly after all my effort he text to cancel. I tried to call him, then had a chat with him via text trying to get to the route of his blues. I shall hopefully see him over the next few weeks, we are both free at inconvenient times, we'll snort it next time.

It was no loss though as I got plenty of cleaning done and let an old friend know I was still here for him. I shall now drink a glass of wine and watch True Blood on a 50 inch screen, ooh yeah.

Some snow melting for you all. This was when I fell off one step and tore the ligaments in my left foot and right knee so staggered about my Dad's house like Egor. I couldn't go out and play in the snow so felt very sorry for myself a little then made Ultimate pies in the Aga and took photos through the windows.

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Day Eighty Eight - Aiding more friends

I am aware that a lot of my good deeds have been for my friends or family, I assure you this isn't a cop out, I just have a very good friend and family network so we're always leaping to each others aid.

Had a very early night last night so once I had woken and eaten last nights dinner for breakfast I launched into town through the rain and trying to slalom between inconsiderate bastards and 8am drunks. I had to make a mad dash to the Book Cafe for an emergency latrine stop then felt obliged to buy a book. I ended up buy a de stressing book for Geoff and a book for me, a photography book. I didn't really look at it until my lunch break and actually loved it, facinating; I was hunkered in the corner amongst the photograph mounts 'oooohing' over the history of our late great monarch Ol' Victoria and getting my nose right into the bizare shots of Hitler. God I love History and photographs. An absolute corker of Marylin Munroe a few weeks before she died, I was a right squarking mess!

Bean was a little stressed about snorting a present for our friend Johnny, so I offered to take the stress from her and snort it out for her. Got an hilarious photo pf the pair of them at a fancy dress shindig years ago and framed, mounted and glazed it for her, and got it at a tasty discount to. So that was my first deed, and The Bean was very happy with that.

Second good deed was meeting Bear for a drink. She really needed a friend so I did my up most to support her. After which I hunkered home in the rain. Now I sit here with a lovely glass of chilled wine feeling genuinely giddy about having an evening alone. Made the un wise choice of watching 'Embarrassing Bodies' first so am now going to watch a small wadge of 'Qi' before moving onto some sexy 'True Blood' to get the visuals of a very hairy gents piles loitering with his prolapsing anal passage. Yum.

Here is a photo of Dovedale I took last summer from within the toilets looking out. I chose this as I was with my a fore mentioned friend Bean when I took this (well I was waiting for her whilst she was thrashing about in the toilet cubicle)

Friday, 26 February 2010

Day Eighty Two, Three, Four, Five, Six and Seven - Another cluster for you all

Sorry again, Very busy week this week as my old friend came to stay so didn't get a chance to sit down to Atticus. So I shall do some speed blogging:

  • Sunday - A deed for me again. This was not in a selfish half arsed fashion; I just decided to spend the day snorting out the whole house and finally doing the hardcore cat poo sweep. Almost gassed myself with the excess of bleach in the small gaps betwixt the telly and wall and the sofa and the fire place. Poo free house though, and it smells nice.
  • Monday - Introduced my good friends to one another. Baby Bear came to stay, winging her way all the way from her pub in Norfolk so my Tall Friend popped over to meet her. I decided that we should all mooch to the local for a drink or two before heading back to mine for home cooked steak and more wine. Seven bottles of wine later; both my friends shivering under blankets and laughing I felt I'd been successful.
  • Tuesday - Introduced more good friends. Feeling a little hungover, Baby Bear and I slunk into town and met Wifey and Lobster for a hot chocolate (well, they had a hot chocolate and we drank lots of water) we then went for lunch then pottered about town where Baby Bear could try various drinks possible for selling in her pub.
  • Wednesday - Waved off old friend. Baby Bear was very blue to be going home. I sat with her trying to cheer her up at the train station then waved her off in a Sound Of Music esq exit before cantering home through the dimming Derby skies.
  • Thursday - Made time for a date with another old friend. Brown Bunny had requested an evening out with me months ago and we had set a date for this very day. I dyed her hair first as she was aware of her gray hairs emerging. Then I styled it, cooked her some nice foods before we strode off into the night through scary Normanton to the pub. We had a nice time boozing and saw many, many excrement's of human behavior were staggering about shrieking, showing their under pants and threatening you with booze breath.
  • Friday - Introduced Tall Friend to my studio. Got up and had a bit of a tidy before being picked up by my Tall friend for a bolshy game of badminton. Shared the courts with a small group of eldery people playing boules. Must have been rather strange for them to witness a 8 foot laughing man pelting a 5 foot pair of boobs with many shuttle cocks; bringing the standard of the place down evidently. We then nipped home for a shower and general scrape down before heading to the studio. My Tall Friend sniffed round all the lights and licked the trigger before spraying his scent and booking it for a fortnights time. Glad I was able to help. Early night tonight. Have got to get up early to head to the studio in't early hours. Pfffft.
 One of my Dad's Cockerel's giving me a menacing stair, I took this through the safety of the glass in the utility room door...

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Day Eighty and Eighty One - Red and Black striped socks.

Two days in one, been so busy recently. So; Friday... Took photos of Wifey. I have got an extra job working in a art gallery/ framers and photographers and have been told I now have free reign of the photography studio and equipment - huzzah! So I kitted out Wifey in some interesting attire and flailed around in with my camera for an hour - back again next week. After that I went out drinking with some old school friend with the full intention of going to bed early so that I could be chirpy for my first day at work... I ended up hammered on gin singing show tunes at 3:30am... oooh dear.

One of the beauty's from the photo shooty with Wifey:

After waking at my friend's on the Saturday and realising that I had to be in town for my first day of work for 10, so I skulked home and scraped the thick layer of gin off my tongue and set fire to my hair in an attempt to stop myself smelling of booze and musicals. I made it in early and really enjoyed it. New boss liked the cut of my jib and also my style of photography so photo shoots a go go (anyone let me know if you want me to photo you in some random attire with strange props) I then stopped in the pube on the way home to say happy birthday to Jo Girl before heading to Wifey's to watch cartoons. My good deed was to buy Wifey her favourite drink, a glass bottle of ginger beer (and a bottle of wine) We fell asleep waiting for Lobster to come home so that I could go home. He was very late; On the bumper cars with Billy Bragg would you believe? I just informed him there was no longer room for him in the Lobster pot as I shuffled out the door still snoozing.

Woke this morning to a spontaneous 5 inches of snow.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Day Seventy Five, Six, Seven, Eight and Nine - Catch up again, sorry chaps

Been thoroughly distracted by shiney objects this week so am doing a summary again.

  • Sunday - I tried with all my might to help my best friend, Baby Bear, get her tickets snorted for her to come home in time for Shrovetide. After many hours of stress and calling everyone to try and get it sorted... it failed. Made me sad. Made Baby Bear sad. *sigh*
  • Monday - Aided Tall friend in moving his things back to his house. We had to go to a very scary storage building which I was convinced was full of T-Rex's. Tall friend informed me that it was, in fact, the only reason he had asked for my help so that he could lure me to his storage unit of which he had a T-Rex jammed in side. Once we got into the corridors we discovered that they too were indeed very scary and dark. We laughed how it would be a perfect scene for a horror and that we could really imagine the running zombie's staggering towards us. This was followed by a tense silence dusted with gut wrenching fear. My Tall friend may be Tall, but he shits himself just as much as I do; not a good crime fighting team. We made several trips back and forth and I lugged all the heavy boxes up the stairs whilst he stroked the walls of his house reminiscing house parties from years gone by and telling me about the old wall paper... The things we do for friends.
  • Tuesday - Introduced Wifey to an ancient tradition from my home town. Shrovetide time again! I love it. So much fun and the atmosphere is awesome. We arrived a little late as I was playing badminton badly with my Tall friend, so we missed the ball being thrown up; we arrived in time to see the town heaving with people. After this we mooched round the pubs before we settled in The Green Man with a sedimenty bottle of Doawnard's ale in our grasp. We then called round my old chums who came to find us. We spent the rest of the day slinking from pub to pub, bumping into folk, eating an amazing burger and shaking my head at Wifey for wearing silly shoes to such a messy event. She will be prepared for next year! We shall be there with knobs on. The Downard's won! Hurrah! (patriotic tastic)
  • Wednesday - Dinner for an old friend. Haven't seen this friend for ages so I cooked us a nice steak dinner and had some nice wine with her. I shall hopefully see her again next week. It's nice to catch up with old friends who know everything about you; you don't have to hold anything back! even your gas; no wait, I don't hold that back for anyone.
  • Thursday - Made my mad Mother laugh, ooh and got another job! I went to town early to have another interview at the art gallery/ photo studio and got the job. Even better that I get to use the studio for my art when I want and can get a good deal for my Tall friend when he does his photo shoots (naked men and biscuits are his prime target) I am very chuffed with this, a little light at the end of my tunnel made from bills and endless tins of chopped tomatos. I then met my Mum who was with my eldest sister and brilliant little niece. We went to The Mallard for dinner whilst my Mother nipped to the hospital. Was very much fun and we all ate the biggest ice cream in the world and I read a book to my niece about farts and poos which is fantastic for both a 4 year old... and also for me. My Mother is still struggling but thanked me for always making her laugh til she cried, it does help that some times she's is hilarious just to observe; I often just repeat what she had just done. My lovely Ma, I love she from the heart of my bottom.
The Moon and the Shrovetide bunting for y'all x

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Day Seventy Four - Happy Walentine's Day!

What a lovely day! Good deeds for Wifey left right and centre. There were good deeds done for me to but I think that to be karma for my good deeds (at least that's what I'm going for). Up early to finish off Wifey's presents and make myself look presentable; eager for the day ahead where aquarium's and row boats and Ponyo (oh my) were promised.

Wifey arrived with 12 red roses and I grabbed my bag of goods and we tooted off with Classic FM blaring out. I took her to meet my scary butcher which she was very excited about and had to ask him a question about all his knives and saws. He hacked off a chunk cow from the still Mooing beast and ripped the chest of a chicken for our Walentine's meal that evening (Fajita's!) We then nipped to hers to throw everything in the fridge and put the bubbley on to cool for later. We also discovered that as our visit was so fleeting Russell had thought he had imagined us.

Off we went to Matlock. Much to my joy Peter and the Wolf came on the radio so we joined in; we really are 57 year old women trapped in the body of fine women in their late twenties. We went to the aquarium which is approximately the size of my living room. A large fish fell in love with me. We then went to the Holographic museum and scared the sweet shite out of ourselves - perfect setting for a horror film and I had nightmares about it last night. We then mooched around some shops then ate some badass fish and jibs before heading homeward bound.

We then went to see Ponyo at the cinema which I frigging loved before going back to Wifey's and letting Lobster cook for us then we watched 'REC' and I lept about with fear before heading homo. Ahhhh Happy Walentines to us!  And a regular boring old normal Valentines to the rest of you other bastards xxx

Some chap from the Matlock aquarium for you to look at...

Friday, 12 February 2010

Day Seventy Three - Made dinner for a friend

Lovely day today, but slightly shat upon by the VERY annoying woman I have to do a project with in Study Skills for the next 8 WEEKS. I am usually a very patient and calm person but she makes me want to pull of my skin, douse it in salt and lemon and squeeze it back on again. The worst part is she's thirty bastard seven and she acts like a teenager. Well she flips between that and talking constantly about utter bollocks. Today she spoke for roughly 48 minutes about a polyp they found on her cervix that then had to be scraped out... I was eating my sandwiches at the time. DELIGHTFUL.

Rant over, apologies people. I scrunted through town and bumped into my tall friend; which was handy as I could get a lift homo. I bought a nice bottle of wine and prepared a rather nice meal for a friend who i've not seen for a while. She phoned and cancelled after a bad day at work. She works on a psych ward and one of the patients tried to kill her, a valid excuse I felt. So I attempted the good deed but she could not make it. Thought was there though and the food tasted smashing! Early night for me tonight. It's Walentine's tomorrow (Valentine's with Wifey) so need sleep so we can scamper around together like twats

Have some old boys feeding the pigeons in Londinium last September. I miss the big smoke :(

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Day Seventy Two - Stripped a man of his super power

Cold today. I unattractively ice skated along the pavement all the way to Unitard with my teeth chattering. English today and fortunately I did not have to deal the shitty effort of a woman as we were split into groups for debate. We had to do lots of research; which I really enjoyed. We all scattered around the library eagerly and almost instantly rejoined one another not entirely sure what we were looking for in the first place. After much brain storming Daudi offered to print out all the copies for us with a mischievous look in his eye. He stated that for some reason he could always get free prints where everyone else had to pay and he had no idea why then laughed heartily at his ability to fight the system. At this point my good deed was done, but it sadly crushed his dreams. I pointed out that we all got a certain amount of free prints at the start of every term. I didn't want him to run out. He was disappointed that he no longer had a magical power but fortunately laughed heartily about it.

I suppose some good deeds are done for peoples own good. I just hope I don't have to strip someone of their magical abilities again. Far too mentally exhausting.

Dirty Derby bus stop is the subject in today's photo...

Day Seventy One - Bought a drink for a youth

A small one today Children. After a busy day at Unitard shouting about Renfield in Literature and weeping softly through Maths. I mooched down to the Atrium with the boys from Maths and brought one of them a can of Rubicon (which I then decided was an ideal name for a 1980's robot) as he had no money and was thirsty. We all know how I feel about teenagers; but I don't mind these chaps.

Went to Wifey's and watched Coroline (scary as all bastard shite) made childish videos and I wrote rude dorbings in the snow on her car.... he he he

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Day Seventy - Cheering up a friend

What a glorious day it is today! Woke up with Disney-esq music in my head and the sunshine blaring through the window onto my lovely clean sheets and the glistening, blinking eyes of the cats. After a brief shower I drank a bucket of tea before Professor Wheeto arrived to attach the doors. I scrunted about upstairs cleaning the mould from the bedroom and bathroom and bleaching everywhere before starting on the windows which lead to an accidental dance routine betwixt the cats and myself as I was swinging across the bay windows and they were leaping to follow the cloth all in time with the music. Christ I appear to vomit musicals without even trying.

I dressed for badminton (duck outfit, stiletos and bonnet) and slunk out the door to be greeted by my Tall friend jammed into his car grinning at me from behind his fingers daintily placed in the V sign; such a sweet heart. Headed of to Shafty for some hearty exercise and joined as a member after the girl behind the counter spent along time explaining not a lot, although she evidently felt it necessary to do so. Thrashed around in the court with me tripping over my tits and being laughed at by my Tall friend as he trying to teach me back hand resulting in what only can be described as some kind of obscure seizure. Apparently we'll get there in a few months. I sense I shall not meet my next boyfriend whilst in sports mode.

Came home after Tall friend had offered to help wire the dvd player in properly but after being greeting by a rather monsterous fresh poo he regretfully declined, pursued all the cats around the house, wrestled with Tom Tom, threw a cup of tea over himself then left whilst laughing that I then had to clean up poo... which I then begrudgingly did. Then I showered and settled down to essay writing.

My good deed is to cheer up Bean. I've not seen her properly for ages and she messaged me a few days ago saying she needed some laughter and therefore wanted to see me; we've both been so busy so we've made space today. It is lovely to think that people contact me for laughter. Better then being phoned to complain about something or purely to masterbate over without one's knowledge. ( I am sure this does happen; as far as I know it has not yet happened to me. )

Today's photo is of the Terence....... Big Telly; Little Ears x

Monday, 8 February 2010

Day Sixty Nine - Oh shut up Bernard!

Whilst walking through town today I saw someone I had culled from my Facebook friends in my New Year clean up removing 60 people. She is a nice enough woman. I met her at a friends birthday party and we had a good laugh. I have vague memories of us catching her having sex with her boyfriend in the garden even though she was nearly 40! Heaven forbid! This wasn't why I had culled her; it was purely because we hadn't said a word to each other since my friends birthday party so no point in being friends on Facebook any more.

I realised that I was heading towards walking along side her, so I stepped a few paces back so she wouldn't see me. It's not that I didn't want to talk to her; I would have quite liked to, to be honest, I just didn't want to admit I had deleted her. pffft Facebook politics.

Small good deed for today. I decided to refrain from calling out the answers in Cultural studies. You see; at school I never listened, never did my home work and I certainly never new the answers to shout out in lessons. I love it at Uni; I work hard and I DO know the answers. But last week my lecturer in Cultural Studies asked me not to answer as everyone else is just learning from me. So today I didn't speak UNLESS no one had the answers. I discovered that me not talking made the chap I really don't like as he always has his massively fake tanned arms elbow deep in his balls,  answer all the questions wrong with really ludicrous answers. "Why would you say this building is classed as post-modernistic?"  "because it's green? made by a man? got windows? is in a city? have you seen my t-shirt? is that a blackbird? are these desks the same as the one's in the next room?".

I shall try and shut up more often in Cultural Studies. I'll continue to be noisy in my other Lectures as apparently it causes amusement. It would appear my chuntering of bollocks is highly appreciated all over the place. Now if only I could get paid for it.

Due to the latest snow warnings I though I'd put a photo of the snow last month. For some reason these kids wouldn't sledge until we had gone. There must have been something about us.

Day Sixty Eight - Given a tiny telly to a stranger

After the arrival of Terence I informed all the eager Freecycler's that there was a small square telly available. I was oddly inundated with requests, but chose the first person. Who came round and was a little shocked that he'd then have to carry it home; not entirely sure what he thought would happen. He perched on my little wall at my front driveway for about 30 minutes craddling the television looking somewhat confused. Eventually a taxi appeared and swept him up.

People are strange. I have been noticing this more and more of late. When I am sat in a cafe or on the bus I watch people. It's a hobby I suppose. I study them; they are so fascinating. I do often wonder, with a lot of them, how they don't walk into things more.

Photo is of this little lighthouse near a reservoir my Tall friend and I mooched round last summer.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Day Sixty Seven - Removed the imposition of a massive telly from a friend

Due to the absence of Jason, and the constant supply of fresh urine and shite, I have been able to pin point where the worst smells have been coming from rather then a complete aroma of cat colon. So after showering I stalked about the place sniffing my full lung capacity in every room then pounced on the particularly potent areas.

I then clear the front room in preparation for the new telly which Lobster was kindly loaning me. I ran around bleaching everywhere and polishing before my Tall friend appeared to take me to get pick up the telly. We arrived at Wifey & Lobster's house and shared a cup of tea with the Wife then heaving the enormous telly into the back of Bo (my Tall friend's car). Although this may appear to be something good to me I am going to see it as something good for them as the telly is very big and had been sat right in their way in their dining room. So if you think about it... I am really do them a favour.

We drove back to mine and heaved it into the house. My Tall friend had to dash off so I was left to my own devices to set up all 100 wires and buttons. After much swearing, straining and sweating I had everything all connected up. It wouldn't turn on. So I swapped over plugs and batteries and contacted every man I knew with the hope that they could help me (oddly all of their first questions were "have you plugged it in?" pppft) I still couldn't get it to turn on. After some more swearing an a few minutes of light weeping I decided to go to Sainsbugs, do a food shop and give the telly some time to think about what it's done.

When I returned no amount of sneaking up on it or pleading with it would help. There it sat; all 42" inches of it-mocking me. I started to chat to my friend (the one I quit cheese for) and she offered the power of her husband. They both very kindly drove straight over. He wrestled with the telly and scratched his head and we fawned over her baby bump, of whom I have named 'Brutas', in the kitchen. We went back into the front room and her husband was scratching his head. She turned to me and said, "Where's your old tell..... oh.... wa wa wah, boobie prize" at which point she jumped up and demaned her husband fix it. He went on the internet and picked up the manual from somewhere (god know's where i'd spent an hour looking for it and hadn't found it) then discovered this magic hidden on switch. I screamed with utter joy! Then was laughed at by my friend as I have exactly the same programs saved on my sky plus as her mother. I like history documentaries what can I say?

They left and I settled down to a glass of wine and a mooohassive telly. It was frigging cracking! Now all I need to do is figure out how to play Wii on it and DVD's. One thing at a time... or wait for a bloke to do it.

Photo today; a dead pigeon in town. I thought it looked really beautiful the way it was lying. It's a little out of focus as when I lent to photograph it a few people commented that I was several things; non of them rosy.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Day Sixty One, Two, Three, Four, Five and Six all bunched up and brief; like my pants

Very busy week this week so am going to give it to you in bullet points...

  • Sunday - Let someone go in front of me in the queue at Sainsbugs. Gave the neighbours another concert (have definitely decided that they must love my singing as still no complaints and the concerts are getting much more hearty)
  • Monday - Let the people get off the Uni bus. Every day the people at the back all barge off blocking the people on the front rows which drives me up the wall. I find it so rude. So I was sat in the middle of the bus; I barged up, then stopped and let everyone in front get off first. The people behind were not happy, but the people in front were. You can't make everyone's day.
  • Tuesday - Encouraged my Tall friend to exercise by dragging him to play badminton with me. This also gives him the pleasure of watching me thrashing about like I was going through some kind of electro shop therapy in, basically, my pyjamas. Also introducing Wifey to 'Finding Neverland'. She cooked, we both drank wine. We watched films. We got very drunk. We clung to each other and wept at the films. I left hers at 3am knowing full well I had to go to Uni the following morning but wanting to stay and continue.
  • Wednesday - After entertaining my Literature class by apparently bringing some form of sexual interjection into every discussion. I genuinely tried to find my Maths class. I failed and feeling rather disgruntled I went to town. Fortunately Lettuce and Pinty were there with a couple of the other library sluts, so we met for the briefest of drinks before they all scattered and Lettuce and I ate food and made animalistic noises and laughed at the anal beads in Ann Summers. Lettuce waited with me for my bus to The Shire in the rain; bless her vegan socks. Looked after Geoff and cleaned the house for Maman. I was not well so went straight to bed after the carer's came and deposited Geoff into his bed.
  • Thursday - Got up and made Geoff's breakfast and lunch so Maman could have a lie in. off to Unitard where I crossed everything to not be picked to work in a debate group with the highly irritating women who use their kids as an excuse for everything and got my wish (am hoping this is Karma) also got in the groups with my favourite people in the class-boooyar! Met Bear from Unitard. We walked to mine and I cooked her a rather spiffing dinner and we drank merrily and watched a film I didn't care much for.
  • Friday - Walked into town with Brown Bunny; a new exercise kick we have started. I have to say I like it as I do miss her and this way ensures we get to see each other all the time - brilliant. Study skills in the morning. It seems that every subject is making us do some kind of debatey talky thing. I have been put in another group of four. One of the girls is really passionate and up for working hard; the other two can't be bothered and also like to refuse to do anything. Was a stress, but was ok. I mooched home calling into the photo studio to check prices then went home. Wifey is still a bit poorly and has had to be alone and poorly for a few days and Lobster has had to work so I went to Wifey's to keep her company and do the washing up. When you live with boys and you are the only girl, as she does, you discover that boys are messy. Poor Wifey was so poorly and boys don't often think do clean to make her feel better. I think it's a boy thing. We watched Pride & Prejudice and both gripped each other and wailed in mid coital screams at Mr Darcy. Wifey drove me homo and we got a bit lost after we had made an adventurous attempt.
Shall try to keep on top of this, this week. Have been busy de-cat weeing the house and being ill so sleeping.  Due to the sporadic layout of this blog I decided to add a totally random photo... This is a bee, on a pineapple. floating in my paddling pool last summer.