Thursday, 18 February 2010

Day Seventy Five, Six, Seven, Eight and Nine - Catch up again, sorry chaps

Been thoroughly distracted by shiney objects this week so am doing a summary again.

  • Sunday - I tried with all my might to help my best friend, Baby Bear, get her tickets snorted for her to come home in time for Shrovetide. After many hours of stress and calling everyone to try and get it sorted... it failed. Made me sad. Made Baby Bear sad. *sigh*
  • Monday - Aided Tall friend in moving his things back to his house. We had to go to a very scary storage building which I was convinced was full of T-Rex's. Tall friend informed me that it was, in fact, the only reason he had asked for my help so that he could lure me to his storage unit of which he had a T-Rex jammed in side. Once we got into the corridors we discovered that they too were indeed very scary and dark. We laughed how it would be a perfect scene for a horror and that we could really imagine the running zombie's staggering towards us. This was followed by a tense silence dusted with gut wrenching fear. My Tall friend may be Tall, but he shits himself just as much as I do; not a good crime fighting team. We made several trips back and forth and I lugged all the heavy boxes up the stairs whilst he stroked the walls of his house reminiscing house parties from years gone by and telling me about the old wall paper... The things we do for friends.
  • Tuesday - Introduced Wifey to an ancient tradition from my home town. Shrovetide time again! I love it. So much fun and the atmosphere is awesome. We arrived a little late as I was playing badminton badly with my Tall friend, so we missed the ball being thrown up; we arrived in time to see the town heaving with people. After this we mooched round the pubs before we settled in The Green Man with a sedimenty bottle of Doawnard's ale in our grasp. We then called round my old chums who came to find us. We spent the rest of the day slinking from pub to pub, bumping into folk, eating an amazing burger and shaking my head at Wifey for wearing silly shoes to such a messy event. She will be prepared for next year! We shall be there with knobs on. The Downard's won! Hurrah! (patriotic tastic)
  • Wednesday - Dinner for an old friend. Haven't seen this friend for ages so I cooked us a nice steak dinner and had some nice wine with her. I shall hopefully see her again next week. It's nice to catch up with old friends who know everything about you; you don't have to hold anything back! even your gas; no wait, I don't hold that back for anyone.
  • Thursday - Made my mad Mother laugh, ooh and got another job! I went to town early to have another interview at the art gallery/ photo studio and got the job. Even better that I get to use the studio for my art when I want and can get a good deal for my Tall friend when he does his photo shoots (naked men and biscuits are his prime target) I am very chuffed with this, a little light at the end of my tunnel made from bills and endless tins of chopped tomatos. I then met my Mum who was with my eldest sister and brilliant little niece. We went to The Mallard for dinner whilst my Mother nipped to the hospital. Was very much fun and we all ate the biggest ice cream in the world and I read a book to my niece about farts and poos which is fantastic for both a 4 year old... and also for me. My Mother is still struggling but thanked me for always making her laugh til she cried, it does help that some times she's is hilarious just to observe; I often just repeat what she had just done. My lovely Ma, I love she from the heart of my bottom.
The Moon and the Shrovetide bunting for y'all x

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