Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Day Seventy - Cheering up a friend

What a glorious day it is today! Woke up with Disney-esq music in my head and the sunshine blaring through the window onto my lovely clean sheets and the glistening, blinking eyes of the cats. After a brief shower I drank a bucket of tea before Professor Wheeto arrived to attach the doors. I scrunted about upstairs cleaning the mould from the bedroom and bathroom and bleaching everywhere before starting on the windows which lead to an accidental dance routine betwixt the cats and myself as I was swinging across the bay windows and they were leaping to follow the cloth all in time with the music. Christ I appear to vomit musicals without even trying.

I dressed for badminton (duck outfit, stiletos and bonnet) and slunk out the door to be greeted by my Tall friend jammed into his car grinning at me from behind his fingers daintily placed in the V sign; such a sweet heart. Headed of to Shafty for some hearty exercise and joined as a member after the girl behind the counter spent along time explaining not a lot, although she evidently felt it necessary to do so. Thrashed around in the court with me tripping over my tits and being laughed at by my Tall friend as he trying to teach me back hand resulting in what only can be described as some kind of obscure seizure. Apparently we'll get there in a few months. I sense I shall not meet my next boyfriend whilst in sports mode.

Came home after Tall friend had offered to help wire the dvd player in properly but after being greeting by a rather monsterous fresh poo he regretfully declined, pursued all the cats around the house, wrestled with Tom Tom, threw a cup of tea over himself then left whilst laughing that I then had to clean up poo... which I then begrudgingly did. Then I showered and settled down to essay writing.

My good deed is to cheer up Bean. I've not seen her properly for ages and she messaged me a few days ago saying she needed some laughter and therefore wanted to see me; we've both been so busy so we've made space today. It is lovely to think that people contact me for laughter. Better then being phoned to complain about something or purely to masterbate over without one's knowledge. ( I am sure this does happen; as far as I know it has not yet happened to me. )

Today's photo is of the Terence....... Big Telly; Little Ears x

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