Saturday, 27 February 2010

Day Eighty Eight - Aiding more friends

I am aware that a lot of my good deeds have been for my friends or family, I assure you this isn't a cop out, I just have a very good friend and family network so we're always leaping to each others aid.

Had a very early night last night so once I had woken and eaten last nights dinner for breakfast I launched into town through the rain and trying to slalom between inconsiderate bastards and 8am drunks. I had to make a mad dash to the Book Cafe for an emergency latrine stop then felt obliged to buy a book. I ended up buy a de stressing book for Geoff and a book for me, a photography book. I didn't really look at it until my lunch break and actually loved it, facinating; I was hunkered in the corner amongst the photograph mounts 'oooohing' over the history of our late great monarch Ol' Victoria and getting my nose right into the bizare shots of Hitler. God I love History and photographs. An absolute corker of Marylin Munroe a few weeks before she died, I was a right squarking mess!

Bean was a little stressed about snorting a present for our friend Johnny, so I offered to take the stress from her and snort it out for her. Got an hilarious photo pf the pair of them at a fancy dress shindig years ago and framed, mounted and glazed it for her, and got it at a tasty discount to. So that was my first deed, and The Bean was very happy with that.

Second good deed was meeting Bear for a drink. She really needed a friend so I did my up most to support her. After which I hunkered home in the rain. Now I sit here with a lovely glass of chilled wine feeling genuinely giddy about having an evening alone. Made the un wise choice of watching 'Embarrassing Bodies' first so am now going to watch a small wadge of 'Qi' before moving onto some sexy 'True Blood' to get the visuals of a very hairy gents piles loitering with his prolapsing anal passage. Yum.

Here is a photo of Dovedale I took last summer from within the toilets looking out. I chose this as I was with my a fore mentioned friend Bean when I took this (well I was waiting for her whilst she was thrashing about in the toilet cubicle)

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