Monday, 8 February 2010

Day Sixty Eight - Given a tiny telly to a stranger

After the arrival of Terence I informed all the eager Freecycler's that there was a small square telly available. I was oddly inundated with requests, but chose the first person. Who came round and was a little shocked that he'd then have to carry it home; not entirely sure what he thought would happen. He perched on my little wall at my front driveway for about 30 minutes craddling the television looking somewhat confused. Eventually a taxi appeared and swept him up.

People are strange. I have been noticing this more and more of late. When I am sat in a cafe or on the bus I watch people. It's a hobby I suppose. I study them; they are so fascinating. I do often wonder, with a lot of them, how they don't walk into things more.

Photo is of this little lighthouse near a reservoir my Tall friend and I mooched round last summer.

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