Sunday, 14 February 2010

Day Seventy Four - Happy Walentine's Day!

What a lovely day! Good deeds for Wifey left right and centre. There were good deeds done for me to but I think that to be karma for my good deeds (at least that's what I'm going for). Up early to finish off Wifey's presents and make myself look presentable; eager for the day ahead where aquarium's and row boats and Ponyo (oh my) were promised.

Wifey arrived with 12 red roses and I grabbed my bag of goods and we tooted off with Classic FM blaring out. I took her to meet my scary butcher which she was very excited about and had to ask him a question about all his knives and saws. He hacked off a chunk cow from the still Mooing beast and ripped the chest of a chicken for our Walentine's meal that evening (Fajita's!) We then nipped to hers to throw everything in the fridge and put the bubbley on to cool for later. We also discovered that as our visit was so fleeting Russell had thought he had imagined us.

Off we went to Matlock. Much to my joy Peter and the Wolf came on the radio so we joined in; we really are 57 year old women trapped in the body of fine women in their late twenties. We went to the aquarium which is approximately the size of my living room. A large fish fell in love with me. We then went to the Holographic museum and scared the sweet shite out of ourselves - perfect setting for a horror film and I had nightmares about it last night. We then mooched around some shops then ate some badass fish and jibs before heading homeward bound.

We then went to see Ponyo at the cinema which I frigging loved before going back to Wifey's and letting Lobster cook for us then we watched 'REC' and I lept about with fear before heading homo. Ahhhh Happy Walentines to us!  And a regular boring old normal Valentines to the rest of you other bastards xxx

Some chap from the Matlock aquarium for you to look at...

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