Sunday, 7 February 2010

Day Sixty Seven - Removed the imposition of a massive telly from a friend

Due to the absence of Jason, and the constant supply of fresh urine and shite, I have been able to pin point where the worst smells have been coming from rather then a complete aroma of cat colon. So after showering I stalked about the place sniffing my full lung capacity in every room then pounced on the particularly potent areas.

I then clear the front room in preparation for the new telly which Lobster was kindly loaning me. I ran around bleaching everywhere and polishing before my Tall friend appeared to take me to get pick up the telly. We arrived at Wifey & Lobster's house and shared a cup of tea with the Wife then heaving the enormous telly into the back of Bo (my Tall friend's car). Although this may appear to be something good to me I am going to see it as something good for them as the telly is very big and had been sat right in their way in their dining room. So if you think about it... I am really do them a favour.

We drove back to mine and heaved it into the house. My Tall friend had to dash off so I was left to my own devices to set up all 100 wires and buttons. After much swearing, straining and sweating I had everything all connected up. It wouldn't turn on. So I swapped over plugs and batteries and contacted every man I knew with the hope that they could help me (oddly all of their first questions were "have you plugged it in?" pppft) I still couldn't get it to turn on. After some more swearing an a few minutes of light weeping I decided to go to Sainsbugs, do a food shop and give the telly some time to think about what it's done.

When I returned no amount of sneaking up on it or pleading with it would help. There it sat; all 42" inches of it-mocking me. I started to chat to my friend (the one I quit cheese for) and she offered the power of her husband. They both very kindly drove straight over. He wrestled with the telly and scratched his head and we fawned over her baby bump, of whom I have named 'Brutas', in the kitchen. We went back into the front room and her husband was scratching his head. She turned to me and said, "Where's your old tell..... oh.... wa wa wah, boobie prize" at which point she jumped up and demaned her husband fix it. He went on the internet and picked up the manual from somewhere (god know's where i'd spent an hour looking for it and hadn't found it) then discovered this magic hidden on switch. I screamed with utter joy! Then was laughed at by my friend as I have exactly the same programs saved on my sky plus as her mother. I like history documentaries what can I say?

They left and I settled down to a glass of wine and a mooohassive telly. It was frigging cracking! Now all I need to do is figure out how to play Wii on it and DVD's. One thing at a time... or wait for a bloke to do it.

Photo today; a dead pigeon in town. I thought it looked really beautiful the way it was lying. It's a little out of focus as when I lent to photograph it a few people commented that I was several things; non of them rosy.

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