Friday, 26 February 2010

Day Eighty Two, Three, Four, Five, Six and Seven - Another cluster for you all

Sorry again, Very busy week this week as my old friend came to stay so didn't get a chance to sit down to Atticus. So I shall do some speed blogging:

  • Sunday - A deed for me again. This was not in a selfish half arsed fashion; I just decided to spend the day snorting out the whole house and finally doing the hardcore cat poo sweep. Almost gassed myself with the excess of bleach in the small gaps betwixt the telly and wall and the sofa and the fire place. Poo free house though, and it smells nice.
  • Monday - Introduced my good friends to one another. Baby Bear came to stay, winging her way all the way from her pub in Norfolk so my Tall Friend popped over to meet her. I decided that we should all mooch to the local for a drink or two before heading back to mine for home cooked steak and more wine. Seven bottles of wine later; both my friends shivering under blankets and laughing I felt I'd been successful.
  • Tuesday - Introduced more good friends. Feeling a little hungover, Baby Bear and I slunk into town and met Wifey and Lobster for a hot chocolate (well, they had a hot chocolate and we drank lots of water) we then went for lunch then pottered about town where Baby Bear could try various drinks possible for selling in her pub.
  • Wednesday - Waved off old friend. Baby Bear was very blue to be going home. I sat with her trying to cheer her up at the train station then waved her off in a Sound Of Music esq exit before cantering home through the dimming Derby skies.
  • Thursday - Made time for a date with another old friend. Brown Bunny had requested an evening out with me months ago and we had set a date for this very day. I dyed her hair first as she was aware of her gray hairs emerging. Then I styled it, cooked her some nice foods before we strode off into the night through scary Normanton to the pub. We had a nice time boozing and saw many, many excrement's of human behavior were staggering about shrieking, showing their under pants and threatening you with booze breath.
  • Friday - Introduced Tall Friend to my studio. Got up and had a bit of a tidy before being picked up by my Tall friend for a bolshy game of badminton. Shared the courts with a small group of eldery people playing boules. Must have been rather strange for them to witness a 8 foot laughing man pelting a 5 foot pair of boobs with many shuttle cocks; bringing the standard of the place down evidently. We then nipped home for a shower and general scrape down before heading to the studio. My Tall Friend sniffed round all the lights and licked the trigger before spraying his scent and booking it for a fortnights time. Glad I was able to help. Early night tonight. Have got to get up early to head to the studio in't early hours. Pfffft.
 One of my Dad's Cockerel's giving me a menacing stair, I took this through the safety of the glass in the utility room door...

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