Saturday, 6 February 2010

Day Sixty One, Two, Three, Four, Five and Six all bunched up and brief; like my pants

Very busy week this week so am going to give it to you in bullet points...

  • Sunday - Let someone go in front of me in the queue at Sainsbugs. Gave the neighbours another concert (have definitely decided that they must love my singing as still no complaints and the concerts are getting much more hearty)
  • Monday - Let the people get off the Uni bus. Every day the people at the back all barge off blocking the people on the front rows which drives me up the wall. I find it so rude. So I was sat in the middle of the bus; I barged up, then stopped and let everyone in front get off first. The people behind were not happy, but the people in front were. You can't make everyone's day.
  • Tuesday - Encouraged my Tall friend to exercise by dragging him to play badminton with me. This also gives him the pleasure of watching me thrashing about like I was going through some kind of electro shop therapy in, basically, my pyjamas. Also introducing Wifey to 'Finding Neverland'. She cooked, we both drank wine. We watched films. We got very drunk. We clung to each other and wept at the films. I left hers at 3am knowing full well I had to go to Uni the following morning but wanting to stay and continue.
  • Wednesday - After entertaining my Literature class by apparently bringing some form of sexual interjection into every discussion. I genuinely tried to find my Maths class. I failed and feeling rather disgruntled I went to town. Fortunately Lettuce and Pinty were there with a couple of the other library sluts, so we met for the briefest of drinks before they all scattered and Lettuce and I ate food and made animalistic noises and laughed at the anal beads in Ann Summers. Lettuce waited with me for my bus to The Shire in the rain; bless her vegan socks. Looked after Geoff and cleaned the house for Maman. I was not well so went straight to bed after the carer's came and deposited Geoff into his bed.
  • Thursday - Got up and made Geoff's breakfast and lunch so Maman could have a lie in. off to Unitard where I crossed everything to not be picked to work in a debate group with the highly irritating women who use their kids as an excuse for everything and got my wish (am hoping this is Karma) also got in the groups with my favourite people in the class-boooyar! Met Bear from Unitard. We walked to mine and I cooked her a rather spiffing dinner and we drank merrily and watched a film I didn't care much for.
  • Friday - Walked into town with Brown Bunny; a new exercise kick we have started. I have to say I like it as I do miss her and this way ensures we get to see each other all the time - brilliant. Study skills in the morning. It seems that every subject is making us do some kind of debatey talky thing. I have been put in another group of four. One of the girls is really passionate and up for working hard; the other two can't be bothered and also like to refuse to do anything. Was a stress, but was ok. I mooched home calling into the photo studio to check prices then went home. Wifey is still a bit poorly and has had to be alone and poorly for a few days and Lobster has had to work so I went to Wifey's to keep her company and do the washing up. When you live with boys and you are the only girl, as she does, you discover that boys are messy. Poor Wifey was so poorly and boys don't often think do clean to make her feel better. I think it's a boy thing. We watched Pride & Prejudice and both gripped each other and wailed in mid coital screams at Mr Darcy. Wifey drove me homo and we got a bit lost after we had made an adventurous attempt.
Shall try to keep on top of this, this week. Have been busy de-cat weeing the house and being ill so sleeping.  Due to the sporadic layout of this blog I decided to add a totally random photo... This is a bee, on a pineapple. floating in my paddling pool last summer.

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