Sunday, 31 January 2010

Day Fifty Eight and Nine - Successful surprise gift for Lettuce

Apologies for another twosie, I seem to have run behind being a right old busy bastard. I woke on Friday morning after just 3 hours sleep feeling the most refreshed and cheerful then I had done in years; so I decided to embrace this mood and left 30 minutes early for Unitard trotting merrily and swinging my hips to the music on my i pood. Unitard was the usual, then I scrunted homo picking up a few bits for Lettuce's birthday present. I then sat up until the early hours sewing and swearing until I finally gave into the cloud of exhaustion which was creeping in...

Woke up Saturday morning feeling the complete opposite of the previous morning. I staggered to the shop with greasy bed head and pillow marks on my face to the corner shop to purchase some cat food as I had forgotten the night before then shlomped home and took great care not to drown in my giant cup of tea. I decided to do a monster clean, un earthed some elderly poo's from behind the telly (not entirely sure why behind the telly is such a poo hot spot, it's so awkward - I've tried) I then washed myself so that my hair would look all fruity for Lettuce. I then mooched over to Sainsbugs for a food shop and to buy cake ingredients. I swanned back home and started to do cake making, then realised I had missed the main ingredient and the local shop (nor any of my neighbours-pah) so made a rather sheepish call to Lettuce to let her know the cake prep would have to happen at hers. I then continued to finish her present.

My Tall friend picked me up and we sped across to his. Lettuce and I threw vegan cake mix around the kitchen for a while and I gave her the gift. Fortunately she loved it, so it was a success! Huzzah, good deed well done. We continued to party like it was 1949 til the very early hours of the morning and then I spent the night with Minky. T'was grand! Happy birthday Lettuce!

Today's photo is of the toilet monitor at Lettuce's house, he's an anti-bacterial bad ass!

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