Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Day Fifty Six - Helping my wonderful, be it completely barmy, Mother

Bad nights sleep. So cold I had to curl into a ball under the covers and fall asleep with the electric blanket on, which I NEVER do after two of my good friends put the shits right up me about burning to a crisp in my sleep. Took me ages and when I woke, I was lying on my back and Tom Tom was lying on my chest nose to nose with me.

It was one of those mornings where you catch your arm on everything and trip on nothing. I got into Unitard and ran around the Atrium desperately looking for someone in my Literature class so I could find the room change. I did find it and sat on my own reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and listening to Yann Teirsen. The room it's self was about 5 times the size of our actual class so we were all dotted about like a sneeze. It was much fun as always with Mo flitting about and us all snorting with laughter at all the possible sexual innuendos in Dracula.

I was very good after, I spoke to my lecturers about any problems I was having and how I could snort them then went to my first therapy session to help me pound the remnants of ex partners out of my burley physique. Seems good, I'll be as good as new in no time. With some strapping gent as my bo, sweeeet. Spent the next few hours in the Unitard library resuming my sneaky pose in the corner and more reading before my wonderful Mother called to say she was outside to pick me up.

I retreated outside to see Mum shouting out the window in her very posh accent to the security guard "MY DAUGHTER GOES HERE YOU SEE? WHERE MAY I WAIT?" I climbed into the front seat of their new wheel chair friendly vehicle with Geoff tethered to the back, 'Earwig' they have named him. I gave Geoff some crisps as since his accident he eats like a hamster, but a combination of Mum's whoopy swirvy driving and Geoff's brain damage made the back of Earwig a thrashy cloud of Roysters.

The changes to the house are amazing! all the doors are widened (which is adventageous to me for after large pie consumtion) and the front garden is all posh with the new ramp and flower beds and sacrificial platform as Mum calls it, and Geoff finally has a posh bathroom with shower! So there was a long period of echoy "OOooooooOoooOhhh" in the new bathroom before we all had a communal bath in a cup of tea.

I did some cleaning and cooking for Mum and sorted through all the stuff for free cycle and just did all the little jobs and looked after Geoff so that Mum could just float about and do her school marking without stress. We ate and Mum went to choir. Then the carers came and tumbled Geoff into bed and I have been dicking about in his posh recliner chair for about 30 minutes before I clean the kitchen for Mum's return. I really hope I can come here more, I wish I could help Momma out more, but she did say tonight that my being here helps so much just as she can get stuff done without being disturbed, so that made me feel a little bit better, only a little though.

Photo today is Geoff in 2005 on holiday in our house in France and yet still working. He never had a break from work and Mum always used to say his work would kill him, it didn't kill him, it just gave him brain damage.

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