Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Day Fourty Seven - Continuing to help the hairy fiend

Hairy friend came round on Sunday evening and I stood and listened and advised him for a couple of hours. A completely broken man, I did try and feed him as he hadn't eaten or slept for a few days, but he gratefully declined. So rammed him full of sugary tea and as many wise words as I could offer. He left around midnight and I pootled off to bed. Was woken at 6am the following morning with a really upsetting message from him. I went to text him back but woke 4 hours later with the phone still in my hand... I was exhausted and still not well.

I walked into a Uni and back and continued to console my Hairy friend via the medium or instant message (and dance, although he could not appreciate the latter) He seemed a lot better and had finally bathed, as I pointed out that smelling bad was neither big, nor clever. He had also contemplated food and was able to make jokes, so I was glad that I helped.

Sorry the good deed has been the same for the passed few days. I am sure tomorrow it'll be something completely different!

Spent the rest of the evening having a cyber date with Wifey. We both had a bottle of wine and Skype on the go. T'was a lovely evening, we chatted for 5 hours and laughed hysterically. Later in the eventide Lobster joined in, sad he was a little disheartened as when he got in he could hear my dulcet tones echoing down the stairs and got all skippity and excited as he thought I was round. Sadly I was only there facially and audibly. Shall see them soon though, may scrant round there on Thursday en route back from Unitard.

Today's photo.... A large cup of tea in my giant "Ugly Dickhead" mug which my sister lovingly bought me many years ago for my 21st birthday. Sibling love certainly is an un-breakable seal.

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