Sunday, 24 January 2010

Day Fifty Two - Planned a surprise for my friend

I woke today at 11:30! I have not slept in like that for years, I would have slept longer but it was not my house. I slunk out of bed, catching a glimpse of my self in Lettuce's bedroom mirror; I am one of those lucky people who, no matter how little sleep i've had, always looks like a mugging victim in the morning. I found my tall friend reading in his room shaking his head at me for being a lazy bastard. I tumbled down the stair and embraced Minky in the kitchen and then dipped my toes into a large cup of tea before my Tall friend drove me home.

After I was forced out of his moving car opened my front door to all the cats all very excited to see me, and even more excited at the prospect of not having to share their food anymore. They actually seemed to like being locked in, so that's a massive bonus. After wasting 2 hours drinking cups of tea and 'Stumbling' round the internet (a new very addictive webshite I was introduced to) I forced myself out the door to nip to Sainsbugs to buy a very meager  food shop. I managed to get in several peoples ways as I was prancing about the place listening to my i-pod pretending I was in some shit musical using my trolley as a prop. I think I should save this musical dramtizations for when the supermarkets are slightly less busy.

Felt decidedly more cheery then I had in ages, possibly due to the epic slumber, so skuttled about the house being twattish and singing in a hugely operatic fashion. I did notice that I heard my neighbours cough, which means they must hear EVERYTHING I do. I have deduced that they either love my daily concerts (ranging from hard rock to Disney with the occasional opera thrown in for good measure, and even the occasional advert) or their seething hatred for me is building in their bellies which will conclude in some kind of horrific tortured death. I hope they pre-warn me if it is the latter.

My good deed, which can't really be classed as a good deed, is to try and arrange a surprise for a good friend, I cannot say what it is, but I hope it works out as they'll love it. I really hope it'll work.

I managed to spend the rest of the day 'stumbling' around the internet again, then I concluded my evening by watching Slum dog millionaire for the first time. It really is brilliant. It does have to be said though, has the most irrelevant dance at the end - Pour quoi?

Today's photo is of Nelson, I shall stop having cat photos up here, I promise. I just thought she looked so cute and coy in the sunlight.

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