Thursday, 21 January 2010

Day Fifty - Halfway through... Not feeling like any have been good enough yet

Halfway through eh? Shall be odd not doing this anymore and I fear I shall irritate my friends by talking more bollocks then usual as I shall no longer have a healthy output on here. I am sensing this stopping shall be detrimental to us all. I also can't believe how quickly 50 days goes by. I sign of getting older I fear. When all of a sudden it's June - you fart and it's Christmas. I remember asking how long it would be til my 6th birthday and my mum replied "Twelve weeks" and me being utterly mortified. Those Twelve weeks took FOREVER. Now I get a letter saying "you have twelve weeks to pay this fine" and I think "Fuck! where the bollocky shite am I going to get the money for that from in twelve weeks!" aaaah to be six and perpetually on the birthday/ Christmas present count down.

I went to bed at 19:00 last night, it was brilliant. Around 2am the cat attacks started and continued til about 5am. I got up at 8am after hitting the snooze button 47 times. Shlomped around the house scratching my arse through my hippo pyjama's and being utterly bemused as to why everything was out of focus until after about 23 minutes of me holding all the tins up to my nose until I found the cat food I realised I hadn't put my glasses on.  I noticed that Crasher didn't come down for dinner and was still asleep, usually she's quacking away whilst i'm sat on the toilet and brushing my teeth. Not today so decided to poke about her person to see if I could see any jutting bones or open wounds. She looked very pissed off and went straight back to sleep so decided I'd keep an eye on her for the next day or two.

Showered, flattened my hair, put my i-pod onto something sleepy and slinked out the door. Decided that I would get the Uni bus when I got to town as I needed to fetch some loot from the only cash machine that lets you draw out fivers (gold dust) and the bus stop was right there so I perched there waiting for the bus and reading Dracula. I kept on getting distracted silly hair cuts and one old man on a mobility cart doing drive by barkings, as a result I read the same paragraph several times.

English was my first lecture, I do like English. Aside from the utter twat who sits in front of me being wrongfully smug about everything and insisting on voicing her poorly thought out jokes, it's all good. We had a PGCE student so the lovely Mo just flitted about at the back of the class banging into the window before settling on her perch and having a well deserved preen. I sad with the boys, as I always do, and squirted water at Liam every time he looked like he was about to seethe to boiling point. My good deed for today, helping Liam under stand war poetry and Onomatopoeia, (incidentally one of my favourite things) He got there eventually and then was very dismayed at not wearing his batman pants. English to him is Maths to me, I am helping him next week with his essay he's had to re-submit. He's going to help me with my Maths. We then had a rather heated debate about which subject was more pointless.

Walked into town to buy a new cat flap and met my Tall friend so we could buy tickets to see our actor friend in Romeo & Juliette next week. We got seats as close to the front as possible so we could all wear large wigs and jumpers with immature dorbings on them. He kindly drove me home and I threw a vase at his face then went in and attached the new cat flap in a manly fashion. No strays tonight - oooh no!

Brown Bunny came to visit, which is always a pleasure and I don't see her enough. We did the usual of drinking tea and getting tangled into the You Tube cycle. Grand. We set a date for some gentle boozing where in she gets to meet my very dear friends. They'll all love each other, just the right amount though - no one wants some kind of group Mongolian cluster fuck going off in the beer garden at the Friary - No one.

Crasher came down to eat. And has gone back upstairs in a grumbly way. I'll bury my face into her downy fluff later, i'm sure she'll love that. All my friends do. Jason goes tomorrow, his last night here, shall miss his oddly large balls and epic shites.

Today's photos I took at the Innocent festival in Londinium in 2008. This little girls mum was swinging her back and forth and not once did she take her eyes of her big brothers ice cream.

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