Thursday, 14 January 2010

Day Fourty Three - The Ultimate Agony Aunt

Really bad nights sleep last night. Woken repeatedly by stray cats trying to get in the house then just screaming like bastards about every 27 minutes. So although I went to bed early it was very disturbed. I over slept and had to get a taxi to Uni. Found some of the ladies from my English class huddled together like sheep in the Atrium, completely perplexed as to where our lecture was that morning, so I calmed them down and said I would find out for them. After 20 minutes (12 minutes of that spent going up and down in an apparently pissed elevator) I came running back to them, to tell them where it was to find they had gone. I raced up to the ninth floor to see them all sat there. First good deed, A/ not needed and B/ not appreciated.

Presentation went fine, they liked the advert.  Nice to see my old retired raver friend. Then skipped off homewards listening to i pod pretending to be in a film. Got home and noticed an e-mail from my hairy friend, looks like his girlfriend and him have broken up again and he was mortified. So I chatted to him via e-mail for a while as he was too upset to talk. I'll talk to him again after the weekend, he said I help and that he always appreciated that I was always there for him even if he hadn't contacted me for months. Which is usually the case, but it isn't something to bother me. So second good deed was definitely appreciated.

I did my homework, war poems, which I do love. Anything historical, especially the wars, I love. Listen to The Grave byDon Mclean whilst I did just to get in the ol' trenches mood. Halfway through that my friend contacted me, again online, for some advice on her relationship. She seemed to feel a lot better after a while. I think sometimes people need confirmation that their feelings are stupid or an over reaction. So third good deed done.

I continued to work when there was an enormous slamming sound on the big bay windows of my front room. Both myself and the cat's scattered. I ran upstairs to see if I could see anyone, but the well lit street was desserted. So I called my neighbour who very kindly agree'd to meet me outside to scope the area. Stood chatting to her for a while, she to is having stresses with her other half. I found myself very aware at how content I was to still be single. Almost everyone I spoke to, when I decided to leave Eyebrows this time last year, told me that after a couple of months I would feel very lonely and want a new man in my life... It's been a year, and I really am OK with being on my own. So a fourth good need, listening to a neighbour.

I am glad I did more good deeds today, and that three of them were good ones, as I missed out on a couple of days when I had bad days and selfishly didn't make time for someone else. I am going to bed now, it's Newcastle tomorrow. I cannot wait to spend time with my sisters!

I have no photo for today, but like to add photos as photos are my life. So here is Nelson out of focus.

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