Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Day Fourty two - Amusing the Wifey when I should be doing my English assignment

Not a huge deed today. It simply consisted of amusing Wifey on Skype and on the phone for roughly 5 hours in total today. In fairness it was far from self-less as in mainly consisted of hackity laughter as usual. We agree'd that it would be a lot better if we just had a live feed to each others houses so we can watch each other mooch about, but it would go all pixelated when we were on the toilet or in the shower, like The Sims. We'd get paid for this of course... *sigh* if only.

I am now planning out my presentation on Keynote (that's power point to you PC users - pah!) talking about an advertisement of my choice for 15 minutes. After hours of doing advert searches I decided upon this one as I can talk about it and get enough research for it. I also liked the style. My Tall friend informed that he thought it was boring, so I really hope I don't fail due to everyone being massively bored..

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