Monday, 11 January 2010

Day Fourty - (missed a few as I couldn't get on here so am going to write one of the good deeds in there)

Feeling slightly stupid after stressing for days that I couldn't get onto my blog then discovered that I had repeatedly been trying to sign in using the wrong e-mail. Not entirely sure why as it was an e-mail address I never use anymore. Evidently the new year has replaced all my common sense with out of date corned beef sandwiches, thus proving - I am an idiot.

I shall make this one brief and continue my full burblings tomorrow. I shall put on of my little deeds from last week as it is accompanied by a rather beautiful photo (if I do say so myself) My tall friend and I decided to venture out into the snowy peaks for some photo opportunities for next years Christmas cards. It was stunning, just like when I was small, and after a few hours of gentle arguing about whether or not we were traipsing in the right direction, we deduced that we were not and had to head back.

On the way back I held a heavy gate open for two old ladies, they were thankful, so a little good deed. I also got to see the sun setting on the snow.. beautiful

After getting back to the car we realised that the view we wanted was in fact yards from the parked car. Oops. So returning back tomorrow, this time with the pleasure of a recently Americanized Lettuce. More sandwiches this time and less bragging about my Duke of Edinburgh map reading skills, I think they may have gone out of date.

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