Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Day Fourt one - hiking in the rain or shlomp on the sofa watching films that make you scream?

Woke up bright and early feeling smug at my decision to purchase an electric blanket, and raring to go on the hearty walk in the Peaks. Fed the millions of cats that were spilling about of every available crevice then sauntered into the shower, feeling twice as smug upon the discovery that there was no cat poo anywhere in the house (apart from lurking in the odd feline colon) and had a bit of a musical medley whilst hosing down my scraggly locks.

I squeezed myself into several layers including my thermals, had a bit of a bogel round the kitchen to The Temper Trap as last years album is my divorce theme tune, and then started to prepare sarnies for my Tall friend and Lettuce so we could perch upon some rocky out crop and yam them down. At the same time I spent about 12 minutes on the phone to the hotline for giving blood trying to find a day for my next appointment as they were rather inconveniently only at uni the one day I wasn't there, and was only in town on the days I was at Uni. After going through my Do Do pad and the chaps computer screen we found a day, hurrah! So the first good deed for today, made an appointment to give blood, even though it makes me look like a crack whore after and they never have the savory biscuits. I do often wonder where all my blood goes. Maybe the person who gets it adapts some of my idiosyncrasies? Imagine waking up after surgery and suddenly naming all your house hold objects, or arguing with yourself in strong Scottish brogue or just simply having to listen music everyday. That wouldn't be so bad. So not only am I donating my blood, i'm also donating some of my qualities that i'm sure thousands find endearing....

Shortly after that I had a swift converse with my tall friend and deduced that due to the fact that the weather was looking rather glib and not ideal for taking photos and Lettuce was feeling jet lagged with a large dollop of snotty grot cold, that perhaps a day of watching films would be better. So we came to the conclusion that he would come and pick me up and I would provide the sandwiches. My second good deed of the day, feeding my friends.

T'was a delightful day. Got to see Lettuce after almost three weeks and I had missed her face hugely. Watched films with ghost rape and people scraping of their skin with a wire sponge and a rather delightful scene where a vegetarian is forced to the bring of starvation resulted in her eating a warm, week old maggot steak. This lead to me convulsing and screaming on the sofa in a very delicate fashion.

Am now comfy on my sofa watching my cluttered up sky plus listening to Mittens snore on the head rest of the sofa, about to fall face first into a vegan lasagne. Sweeeeeeeeeet.

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