Friday, 29 January 2010

Day Fifty Seven - A good deed for all, including me

Today's good deed what supporting my friend in his acting career. He played the lead roll in a really good play. We all went to support; Lettuce, her Tall brother and Wifey. Very funny. So it was a good deed for us all as we all had so much fun, but Peeler did appreciate us being there and even signed our tickets... He wrote the word "Twat" on them first, but I'm sure I could still get a couple of quid for it on e-bay one day...

We all went off into the night drinking (with a brief interlude of Lettuce and I staggering around the Westside in a state of panic as it was empty and lost. We decided that it was a 'Dawn of the Dead' scenario so pretended to be zombie's to insure our safe journey to the Friary. Fortunately we made it there safely then jumped off the high board into a jug of Jager bomb. We had about 20 minutes of laps in there before the rest of them rolled in. Much hilarity and japes continued into the the night and through to the early hours... The clock struck twelve and that meant it was officially Lettuce's birthday! Huzzah! After more intelligent and gripping conversations about 'Cranking' and Wifey and I singing songs from 'The Little Mermaid' and many, many flattering photos we all got turfed out by the door men. I think door men hate people who are hovering round the 30 mark getting pissed and stupid as we appear worse then the teens.

After we left my Tall friend and Peeler rolled around on the floor together for a while and to be honest, no one really knew why. We then shared a shamxi home. T'was a grand night, I do feel very smug about my friends at the moment.

Today's photo is Agnelli, she spent a summer sat on the roof of my shed until is was dark.

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