Sunday, 24 January 2010

Day Fifty Three - A good deed for me.

Woke early this morning bright and cheery. Had some breakfast, put on my coat; and abseiled down the inside wall of my freezer. I was more then completely certain there was some food in there. After about 30 minutes of hacking about with a pick axe I un-earthed an entire raw duck (???!!) something very suspect in a tupperware I thought I'd lost and a bag of ice that Lettuce and I bought on a drunken trip to Sainsbugs... mmm slim pickings. I climbed back up the inside of the freezer and burst out onto the kitchen floor. As I lay there panting and snapping the icicles off my nostrils I decided that I need to up my game a little in life. I was bounding towards 30 on a space hopper and I cannot afford a proper food shop. I decided that today I would do a good deed for me.

So first of all I had some tea and toast and tugged on my beard until some ideas popped out of something I had not done for a while. I decided some mindless 'Stumbling' would be a good idea, just as I did my good friend Bean popped on line after her trip over seas, so I had a nice chat to her, has felt like she's been gone for months as we usually talk everyday, was nice to have her back. I decided to cook myself a cheese free pizza which was actually really nice. My eyes bigger then my massive tummy, felt a little sorry for myself after. The decided to embark upon some of my arty farty projects I 'started' years ago. Did some sketches of naked ladies, something I always enjoyed and oddly something I was good at. Then I got one of the old wooden chairs I had stored into the back garden and went at it with the blow torch. Art is fun. I need to do loads more to it, but couldn't find my electric sander (Chuck) and will need that before I can continue it. I did burn a couple of other things, it's fun being a partial pyromaniac.

Then decided to do a proper clean of the front room, which I also love doing and then I rolled around taking some ninja style photos... Well, I say ninja... I clambered down to floor level to take some shots then spent several minutes with my bottom in the air wheezing and trying to stand again. I cannot fathom why I am still single. I am going to have a nice bath snortly and read before a hearty dance round the kitchen and then some more drawing and painting. What a jolly day. And I hope that you to had a jolly Sunday-day x

Ooh dear, my neighbours have started listening to what sounds like hard house. I fear that there come back for my belting out concerts daily is being retaliated with banging tunes. In fairness it is only 16:55, lets see what noises they make late this evening. 

Today's photo is the charred edges of my chair. It starts....

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