Saturday, 23 January 2010

Day Fifty One - Fare well to Jason your abilty to shite your body weight twice a day shall forever be admired

Had a hearty Disney concert in the shower with an Indian accent interlude for Pocahontas's 'Just around the river bend', I like to keep my neighbours on their toes.  I fed the cats and let Jason eat in the kitchen with the others for the last time, his food snarling seems to have ceased which is good as it'll make him better with other cats. Wifey arrived and we cuddled him and poured him into Minky's cat carrier, he made a very disgruntled grumble as he mooched in. Off we set Nottingham bound, it was a long journey but he was very calm and inquisitive and NO POO! The Cat's Protection building was a lovely old house and there was a very cute three legged black cat with cataracts who greeted us and another black and white cat who chewed on my pen as I filled out the forms. He seemed a bit scared but upon hearing he had an electric blanket and a massive bowl of food cheered up. Wifey and I used all our strength not to bring home all the little blue eyed kittens. Wifey took me to lunch at Bluebell Farm to cheer me up and we got to try all the homemade ice cream made from their cow's cow juice. We did plan to sneak under the sneeze guard when the woman's back was turned but she cottoned on to our plan.

My first good deed, was to donate Jason so that some lonely person somewhere can enjoy his little fluffy heart and irritable bowels.

Wifey and I splashed through the epic rainfall in town and went to one of my favourite shops in town called 'Boo' which sells only fair trade and queer gubbins, I picked up my 8 mile vintage scarf that was being held for me. I love it, wrapped round me 5 times and both ends still drag along the floor, I look like a cartoon character. Wifey purchased a poorly jumper and looked radiant in it. We went for a single beer at the Friary and wished we could spend the whole day there drinking and inadvertently staring at the Hobbit barman's ludicrously large cock from within his slacks. We parted weeping loudly and shouting our anger at not being able to spend all our time together. I got the bus and she skuttled off to Lobster's birthday party.

I got home and swooshed around before my Tall friend arrived a little earlier then I had thought to pick me up, so leapt into his car and sped forth to his. Second good deed was cooking my Tall friend and his lovely mother a steak dinner. Attempted to watch a couple of films but got blocked by the wrong language or by the fact it was massively shite. We ended up watching a good ghosty problem un till Minky got in a brawl and hurt her leg. Spent the evening staggering around the house getting lots of sympathy. Poor old Minky.

Slept better then I had in ages in Lettuce's beautiful pod. She is in Londinium, I had planned to leave her a treat but didn't get it finished in time, it's finished now though... he he he

Bye bye little Jason xxx

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