Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Day Fourty Eight - Donating a door

Cold nearly gone now so I am feeling much less of a snotty grot box, probably still looking massively disheveled though I imagine. Bounded out of bed, stripped the sheets and fluttered around the house like Cinderella. Had a bath with my new swanky bath oil, Tom Tom randomly leapt onto my breasticles scratching the shite out of them and resulting in him getting covered bath oil... spent the rest of the day looking like an extra from Westside Story. Me looking like I got mauled by an Ocelot.

My first good deed, although somewhat feeble, was to donate a door to my neighbour. Not for putting in a room in the house, but for chopping up for fire wood. The lady of the house is a big fan of Tom Tom, he meets her from work everyday so he popped round with me. She wasn't very well but was cheered up from our visit and commented on Tom Tom's new slick look. He was rolling around and being very cute, waving to her in my arms and looking like a handsome gent.... as soon as we got round the corner he took a swift bite out of my arm. He's all for show that cat.

Eyebrow's popped round to with his dirty clothes so my second good deed was doing his washing for him. My deeds have been pretty shit today people, so I do apologise. Am going to leap into bed for an early night now, up early to hike to Unitard... nothing like the dew dusted prostitutes stumbling about the streets to make your morning walk all that fresher.

Today's photo is of the rather beautiful Tom Tom. Accidental cat theme going on here.

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  1. I do howl when I read about Tom Tom being all show - I hope the lovely Nelson isn't. I love her all the more now that her gender has been confirmed.