Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Day Fourty Nine - No sleep

It was a strange good deed which occurred in the early hours of this morning after my hope of an early night had be twatted right in the face. I got a message pop up on Face book from a friend I have known for about 11 years. He appeared a little off, and was talking about how he wished that when we had first met he had chosen a different path to the one he was on now. After some gentle talking down of a ledge he came to the terms that he was happy, but felt he had lost his identity since life had rushed by so fast.

It's not good that so many people are feeling so depressed these days. It's this gloopy weather I fear. Had a very, VERY bad nights sleep and a bit of a wank day. So I shall go now and leave you with a shot of the Red Sea which I took just before I leapt into it for a dive.... ooooh wish I were there now. Bet I'd get some bastard sleep there!

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