Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Day Fifty four & Five - Gave a gift to a friend and gave blood to a stranger

Combining these to as I was too tired to type by the time I got homo on Monday night so thought I throw it in with Tuesdays.

Monday was all day at Unitard, starting with Cultural Studies in the morning, where we watched snippets of 'The Shining' and I realised that my rucsck had been sprayed on by a stray cat so apologised profusely for the rather pungent room deoduriser I was carrying around with me. I then had 3 hours before psychology where I lurked in the Library revising like a crazy bastard for my in class test. I got to the test and remembered.... NOTHING. I know what things meant and could explain them with graphic detail, I just couldn't actually remember the names of the things. This was hugely frustrating as I never seem to ave the ability to remember words and it drives me up the wall.

I finished early and hopped on the Unitard bus to see Lettuce. We embraced warmly (as it was very cold) and I presented her with a home made key ring. My good deed, if that's what you can call it, was a gift to Lettuce. She did say she liked it as it spruced up her keys which we looking a little on the boring side. We decided to go back to her as it would save her tall brother from having to get me for photo club. So we went on an exciting bus ride to theirs.

Lettuce made me a rather delish vegan sups and I grew increasingly sleepy. As my desire for sleep grew the time to go loomed and my Tall friend dragged me by my hair and threw me in the back of the car and off we headed to photo club.

We haven't been for ages and it was a competition night between different clubs. I was getting sleepy and my Tall friend was being hoity about me being wriggly. He dropped me home and slid up the stairs and under the covers, followed by all the cats who joined me there in unison. zzzz

Tuesday I woke by the sound of Mittens making a very curious noise. It turned out Eyebrows had come round and Mittens had sensed this so was letting off some kind of warning siren. I then discovered that both my electric and my gas had gone so I slunk off to town with my bag full of gubbins, including Atticus as I decided I would steal both the Wifi and electricity from Quad.

I found a corner to lurk in Quad, emptied my bag onto the table and 'worked'. I do find it hard to concentrate on anything when in cafe's as I love to watch people. Everyone facinates me so much. Like the beardy man who refused to move from the seat with the only plug socket even though he wasn't eating or drinking anything, or the old woman with learning disabilities squealing with utter joy when her friend poured her tea from the tiny tea pot, or the man offering his friends some home made biscuits with a look of evil genius spread across his face. All these things are much more exciting the anything else. I would love to be a people watcher and documenter, I could take photos and report it all. Or is that just stalking? either way, i'd love to have it as a job please.

After Atticus ran of battery and the beardy gent refused to move I had to see what else I had in my bag of tricks... There was all snorts so I settled down and bummed about until I had to go and give blood. I did the usual of filling out the forms, then getting questioned about the questions on the forms (have you knowingly had sex with someone who has aids? do you have malaria? are you sure that's not a syphallitic boil on your face? etc) After this I launched into a hoarty debate about why gay men can't donate blood whilst I ate the only Ritz biscuit there was. So my good deed was donating blood to someone for the 5th time I think, and standing up for gay men's rights to give blood (amen) apparently lesbians have the best blood so come on gay ladies - roll up your sleeves!

I then went back to Quode, skuttled about with Wifey for a bit before Lettuce arrived. We were not sure where to go after so decided to just walk. It turned out that we were meant to walk to the Friary. We got VERY excited about the new decor there and fluffed around outside drinking lager then the inevitable jager bomb raised it's glorious head. I then went home and froze to death in my bed.

The contents of my bag, excluding Atticus and the occasional emergency tampon.

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