Sunday, 28 February 2010

Day Eighty Nine - Sorry, helping out a friend again...

Last night I was chatting to an old friend, Dannii, who sounded massively depressed. I felt awful as we used to talk every day but in the last 6 months both of us have been massively busy. The thing is, where I have been more of a sociable bird he's always been a bit of a loner. Strange really, he's one of the kindest people you could know; once he lets his guard down, but you do have to chip away at him for a good year. Because of this he doesn't talk to many people and I felt awful that I hadn't thought more about how he was and made more of an effort.

I was woken this morning (my only day I can lie in) by a text message at 8am. After swearing and flinging cats about and generally acting like I was having a drunken brawl with an invisible goose I discovered my phone. A text from Dannii. Just wanting to know if I was free today. I decided to try and get that extra hour of sleep and then I text him after. This was the day I had been looking forward to for quite some time:

A planned day alone. This differs from the accidental day alone as you always feel a little flouncy and spend a lot of the day exhaling through your teeth and swinging your arms. Planned days alone are brilliant, usually occur after being very busy and when you have done all the jobs you wanted to get done. Casual, calling people to chat for hours, reading The Independant on Sunday, walking around Sainsbury's long enough to do a fantasy shop then put all the stuff back again (when you rush the shop, you buy the fantasy stuff) watch a foreign film and, in my case today, sort out your packed lunch for Uni all week making it interesting and healthy so you don't get bored and slide under the sneeze guard at Upper Crust hoovering up the baguettes. Ahhhhhh...

I decided to simply say 'Yes' to Dannii. Made sure the house was extra clean as he was one of those ludicrously tidy people. His old house with his ex boyfriend always looked like Ikea; they even used to fan their magazines! I'd perch on their sofa PETRIFIED I'd spill something on their beige furniture, and the flat would always be boiling. I remember one summer they had the heating on the whole night and I spent the majority of that night lying on the floor of their metal balcony sizzling like bacon... I digress...

I made sure the house was clean and I even put the heating on. Usually I scrunt about the house wearing everything I own getting wedged in doorways and struggling to tie my shoes. Not today! Sadly after all my effort he text to cancel. I tried to call him, then had a chat with him via text trying to get to the route of his blues. I shall hopefully see him over the next few weeks, we are both free at inconvenient times, we'll snort it next time.

It was no loss though as I got plenty of cleaning done and let an old friend know I was still here for him. I shall now drink a glass of wine and watch True Blood on a 50 inch screen, ooh yeah.

Some snow melting for you all. This was when I fell off one step and tore the ligaments in my left foot and right knee so staggered about my Dad's house like Egor. I couldn't go out and play in the snow so felt very sorry for myself a little then made Ultimate pies in the Aga and took photos through the windows.

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