Thursday, 11 February 2010

Day Seventy Two - Stripped a man of his super power

Cold today. I unattractively ice skated along the pavement all the way to Unitard with my teeth chattering. English today and fortunately I did not have to deal the shitty effort of a woman as we were split into groups for debate. We had to do lots of research; which I really enjoyed. We all scattered around the library eagerly and almost instantly rejoined one another not entirely sure what we were looking for in the first place. After much brain storming Daudi offered to print out all the copies for us with a mischievous look in his eye. He stated that for some reason he could always get free prints where everyone else had to pay and he had no idea why then laughed heartily at his ability to fight the system. At this point my good deed was done, but it sadly crushed his dreams. I pointed out that we all got a certain amount of free prints at the start of every term. I didn't want him to run out. He was disappointed that he no longer had a magical power but fortunately laughed heartily about it.

I suppose some good deeds are done for peoples own good. I just hope I don't have to strip someone of their magical abilities again. Far too mentally exhausting.

Dirty Derby bus stop is the subject in today's photo...

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