Sunday, 21 February 2010

Day Eighty and Eighty One - Red and Black striped socks.

Two days in one, been so busy recently. So; Friday... Took photos of Wifey. I have got an extra job working in a art gallery/ framers and photographers and have been told I now have free reign of the photography studio and equipment - huzzah! So I kitted out Wifey in some interesting attire and flailed around in with my camera for an hour - back again next week. After that I went out drinking with some old school friend with the full intention of going to bed early so that I could be chirpy for my first day at work... I ended up hammered on gin singing show tunes at 3:30am... oooh dear.

One of the beauty's from the photo shooty with Wifey:

After waking at my friend's on the Saturday and realising that I had to be in town for my first day of work for 10, so I skulked home and scraped the thick layer of gin off my tongue and set fire to my hair in an attempt to stop myself smelling of booze and musicals. I made it in early and really enjoyed it. New boss liked the cut of my jib and also my style of photography so photo shoots a go go (anyone let me know if you want me to photo you in some random attire with strange props) I then stopped in the pube on the way home to say happy birthday to Jo Girl before heading to Wifey's to watch cartoons. My good deed was to buy Wifey her favourite drink, a glass bottle of ginger beer (and a bottle of wine) We fell asleep waiting for Lobster to come home so that I could go home. He was very late; On the bumper cars with Billy Bragg would you believe? I just informed him there was no longer room for him in the Lobster pot as I shuffled out the door still snoozing.

Woke this morning to a spontaneous 5 inches of snow.

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