Thursday, 11 February 2010

Day Seventy One - Bought a drink for a youth

A small one today Children. After a busy day at Unitard shouting about Renfield in Literature and weeping softly through Maths. I mooched down to the Atrium with the boys from Maths and brought one of them a can of Rubicon (which I then decided was an ideal name for a 1980's robot) as he had no money and was thirsty. We all know how I feel about teenagers; but I don't mind these chaps.

Went to Wifey's and watched Coroline (scary as all bastard shite) made childish videos and I wrote rude dorbings in the snow on her car.... he he he

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  1. Did you know that all pavements look like that in Cockfosters? Amazed you found one in Derby ...