Friday, 12 February 2010

Day Seventy Three - Made dinner for a friend

Lovely day today, but slightly shat upon by the VERY annoying woman I have to do a project with in Study Skills for the next 8 WEEKS. I am usually a very patient and calm person but she makes me want to pull of my skin, douse it in salt and lemon and squeeze it back on again. The worst part is she's thirty bastard seven and she acts like a teenager. Well she flips between that and talking constantly about utter bollocks. Today she spoke for roughly 48 minutes about a polyp they found on her cervix that then had to be scraped out... I was eating my sandwiches at the time. DELIGHTFUL.

Rant over, apologies people. I scrunted through town and bumped into my tall friend; which was handy as I could get a lift homo. I bought a nice bottle of wine and prepared a rather nice meal for a friend who i've not seen for a while. She phoned and cancelled after a bad day at work. She works on a psych ward and one of the patients tried to kill her, a valid excuse I felt. So I attempted the good deed but she could not make it. Thought was there though and the food tasted smashing! Early night for me tonight. It's Walentine's tomorrow (Valentine's with Wifey) so need sleep so we can scamper around together like twats

Have some old boys feeding the pigeons in Londinium last September. I miss the big smoke :(

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