Monday, 8 February 2010

Day Sixty Nine - Oh shut up Bernard!

Whilst walking through town today I saw someone I had culled from my Facebook friends in my New Year clean up removing 60 people. She is a nice enough woman. I met her at a friends birthday party and we had a good laugh. I have vague memories of us catching her having sex with her boyfriend in the garden even though she was nearly 40! Heaven forbid! This wasn't why I had culled her; it was purely because we hadn't said a word to each other since my friends birthday party so no point in being friends on Facebook any more.

I realised that I was heading towards walking along side her, so I stepped a few paces back so she wouldn't see me. It's not that I didn't want to talk to her; I would have quite liked to, to be honest, I just didn't want to admit I had deleted her. pffft Facebook politics.

Small good deed for today. I decided to refrain from calling out the answers in Cultural studies. You see; at school I never listened, never did my home work and I certainly never new the answers to shout out in lessons. I love it at Uni; I work hard and I DO know the answers. But last week my lecturer in Cultural Studies asked me not to answer as everyone else is just learning from me. So today I didn't speak UNLESS no one had the answers. I discovered that me not talking made the chap I really don't like as he always has his massively fake tanned arms elbow deep in his balls,  answer all the questions wrong with really ludicrous answers. "Why would you say this building is classed as post-modernistic?"  "because it's green? made by a man? got windows? is in a city? have you seen my t-shirt? is that a blackbird? are these desks the same as the one's in the next room?".

I shall try and shut up more often in Cultural Studies. I'll continue to be noisy in my other Lectures as apparently it causes amusement. It would appear my chuntering of bollocks is highly appreciated all over the place. Now if only I could get paid for it.

Due to the latest snow warnings I though I'd put a photo of the snow last month. For some reason these kids wouldn't sledge until we had gone. There must have been something about us.

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