Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Day Eight - More good was done for me then anyone else

Today was a stinker. Woke feeling freezing. Went to the toilet to find A LOT of runny cat poo all over the floor. Cleaned it. Still no light in bathroom. Tried to turn on the heating. Greg still refusing to talk to me. Jumped in the shower. Halfway through water went freezing, evidently Greg wasn't to annoy me even more. Got dressed. Turned on telly to flatten hair. Telly turned off. Turned it on again. Telly turned off. Walked away from telly, fed cats, made cup of tea, snuck up on telly and turned it on again. Telly turned off. Went to get favourite comfy poncho from Equador. Jason has pissed on it.

Left house with tears in my eyes and bottom lip scraping heavily across the floor.

I got to Uni and bumped into my friends' parents, so had a cheery chat with them, then proceeded up to Literature where I sat in the corner and vocalized my huge desire for coffee, until Mo (my bird like lecturer) suggested everyone went and got one. After confusing the lady behind the counter as Costa (who evidently left education around the time she was awarded the title "sand pit monitor") by asking for a large coffee with 5 shots of espresso in it, I marched back up the stairs with my bucket of caffeine and a slightly fierce twitch.

Enjoyed Literature as we are studying Dracula and I appear to be funnier when moderately pissed off and every so slightly ranty, plus a lot of the class have left and the ones who have left are the less witty and interesting chaps so the conversation is much more rivetting.

Maths was it's usual, a mixture of massively dull and hilarious with a slightly odd interjection that one of the chaps in my class is on You Tube fucking a ham sandwich. I did request that he not be offended if I didn't look it up.

Walked to town to meed my tall friend, I had planned to buy him a small cake as my good deed for the day, but he finished before me and had to wait around for 15 minutes waiting for me. So rather a nice thing for him, turned into an annoyance. Slight fail there then. Had a lovely roast cooked for me by my tall friend's mother, t'was delectible. Also briefly got to see tall friend's slightly shorter sister, the lovely Lettuce. Was only a fleeting embrace, but was grand all the same.

Set off to shmoto shop course, (got a missed call from my lovely sister, which I was gutted about as I hardly ever hear from her now she's a busy doctor in the city - But had the best treat of her singing me the song from "Pete's Dragon", I love you to. Look it up if you don't know it) This was the last of our 12 week course and, in truth, we haven't been overly impressed with it so far. This evening though my tall friend and I decided to just dick about with photo shop in a childish manner, which made me laugh, snort and giggle like a child for the whole evening. We did stop momentarily and I tried to give my mince pie away as a good deed, but again it was foiled.

So no good deed achieved today. Which made me a little annoyed at myself. I was cheered up by various people though, which I suppose shows that what you give out does come back to you. Especially if it's gas related.

Must try harder tomorrow!

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  1. Your repeated attempts are admirable. Surely a pass for effort...