Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Day One - Searching for a good enough selfless act...

It is now 14:34 and as I decided to do this about 30 minutes ago, and I am about to leave Uni, to go home then out again to a photography course this eventide, I felt I'd have to see if I'd managed anything selfless today already without actually realising, to get the deed done.

After staying at my friend's last night, I headed to Uni early and arrived about half an hour before my first lecture: Literature. Did my usual of chuntering away to myself, spouting the usual irrelevant gubbins to my fellow students who did their usual; looking at me and laughing in general disbelief and slight confusion. No selfless acts, although I did make the lecturer laugh on several occasions and share my fat free/ wheat free/ free free snacks with surrounding people who all promptly regurgitated them into a hankie. Almost a nice thing, if the things I gave out hadn't been perceived as rancid by the receivers (note to self: try pick an mix for next week, or perhaps a medley of narcotics?)

Skuttled off to my usual hiding place on the 9th floor where I sit in the enormous window seat on Atticus and look pensive at the horizon for an hour before mandatory Maths. I did stop en-route to pay some money towards the 'Stop discrimination against AIDS' charity, which I would see as selfless as I really don't have money at all, but then was not only given the shiney red ribbon but fruity lube and fist fulls of condoms were also thrust upon me, not to mention a very nifty condom case; which I got very excited about. Then my class mates saw these cases and all left to give money for the cause in the hope to get a shiney case - so although not for the right reasons the cause got some money. But I did get quite a lot of shiney stuff, so again not entirely selfless.

After feeling rather put out and wondering if I should buy a cake for my friend who would be accompanying me this evening to make him feel happy, one of my class mates, Dale, piped up that I had already done one for him. In Literature he had arrived late due to traffic, the lecturer was slightly miffed and made a remark about him being late to every lecture. At which point I politely pointed out that he is always on time in his other lectures I share with him, I didn't know he had heard, but he said he really appreciated me standing up for him.

So there. My first selfless act. It may have been tiny but it did make an impression, even if it was only a little dent. Hopefully the deeds will be better, shall try and plan them around the people I see daily, and try and throw in a few sporadic numbers to strangers on the way... Force and elderly lady across the road? Not kick a pigeon?

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