Monday, 14 December 2009

Day Thirteen - Indeedy do

Slept terribly, I woke early and decided to inform Uni I wouldn't be in until lunch time so that I could try to get some sleep. That was at 6am. At 9 am I was woken by Eyebrows, who was being very erratic and reminded me a lot of how he used to be earlier on this year. After being shouted at, for nothing in particular, then hung up on and then shouted at some more, my hope of sleep was gone.

I showered, did some work then headed off to Uni. En route I text Eyebrows (knowing he'd be asleep) asking him not to contact me un-less very, important and to write via e-mail if he does. My good deed was to distance myself from him. The good deed was primarily for him but also for me. I am tired now, and I am starting to resent his voice, which I never wanted. But if you keep ramming your car against a brick wall, it will eventually crumble.

Enjoyed psychology, am starting to study schizophrenia and personality disorders, ironic much? Walked to town and met Wifey and Red Lobster for a drink, t'was only brief sadly, but have arranged for Christmas get together next week, plus I shall be seeing them at the Interesting Jumper Party. Brown bunny gave me a lift home and popped in for a cuppa, where she insisted we did a search for a man phallating (how ever spelt) himself. Interesting, I can say I can cope without seeing it again. Sadly I fear it will haunt me for many years to come. Not recommended.

Tall friend picked me up for photography club. Competition night. I never seem to find the jokes funny, but the whole room seems to erupt with laughter at most of the comments. Maybe it's something that comes with age, such as constant coffee breath and the urge to wear a body warmer. Christmas party next week - we are bringing Lettuce so am very excited about that. All the members will be chuckling about the price of combs and supping on Creme de methe and we shall be doing Jager Bombs off each others backs and mooning people through the window, WHAT-HO!

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