Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Day Twenty? - a sea of gray and Bleu Caraquo

I have lost count of the days. So many good deeds, I cannot count them all.... or I have just forgotten, Like I often forget where my legs are or why I am standing in the kitchen. So I am going to go with day twenty for now.

Had a good day yesterday. Got up early and hosed myself down and made my hair look pretty (not a difficult challenge) then I mooched into town to finally return my coffee machine at Lakeland's since one of the cats, who chose to remain anonymous, pissed on the electrics. After that it refused to make coffee. So I trotted into Lakeland's and they said that they could not swap it as they don't make that brand anymore but they would give me store credit. I walked around for literally and hour with my brain on complete overload as to what to get myself. I then decided that my good deed would be to spend half the credit on myself and the other half on friends presents. After roughly another 30 minutes of ball breaking decisions I chose a rather spiffing mop and headed home feeling rather smug and also, my age. Never thought i'd get so excited about a mop. (she says after always proudly getting her umbrella hat out at the slightest hint of rain - oooh dear)

I used the mop when home and discovered that all the cats fear it hugely. It has a squirty adapter and they completely shat themselves. After I had finished I walked into the kitchen to discover them taking it in turns to his and lunge at it, very funny to watch! Decided to play Harry Potter on the Wii until my tall friend arrived to pick me up.

Went back to my Tall friend's house where I was warmly greeted by his lovely mother then lept upon by a recently sodden Lettuce. We drank wine and exchanged some brilliant gifts, hopefully they liked all mine and I splurtainly loved theirs, one of my fav's I am not allowed to mention (I assure you it is nothing to do with badger bating) We then shlomped off to the photography club Christmas party bringing Lettuce with us. Which was both good and bad. Good because we have so much fun. Bad because I felt like a naughty kid in school being made to laugh. Upon arriving Lettuce found it highly amusing that her tall brother and I visit this club everyweek with every member being at least 15 years our senior so the room was a sea of gray and beige. We did get some nice cheap drinks and I won a bottle of Bleu Caraquo in the raffle. It did taste a little like the first bottle ever made and we deduced that it had been doing the raffle circuit for quite some time. We still drank it though.

Went back to theirs, Lettuce with a hunger for cake making. So we made chocolate twat cake and watched another shit scary film with my tall friend teetering on the edge of the sofa slowly filling his trousers.

I felt quite bad as I slept in bed with Lettuce after we all got the colly wobbles and kept her up all night with my grunting and panic breathing. But got to witness Minky having a brawl with a particularly sneaky looking bit of ribbon which made me chuckle. Then my tall friend took me homo. What larks!

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