Monday, 21 December 2009

Four Days in One - Been a bit slack

I had meant to write on Friday, then I had meant to on Saturday, then Sunday but have been hugely busy then a little deflated. Still feel kum quat deflated so I shall make this brief.... hopefully.

My good deeds I shall tie into one. Went home to Momma's for a mini Christmas. Poor Mum is so stressed out. Geoff's been really bad and with all the work on the house as well as that she was on the cusp of breaking point. It was a little heart breaking watching her cry from frustration and Geoff also cry. I let her have extra time in bed and I cooked dinner and cleaned and listen to Geoff talk about how confused and frustrated he is.

I am hugely worried about my poor old Mother though, I do fear the stress will kill her. She seems a little worried about that to, so I reassured her that if something awful like that happened I would give up everything and move in with Geoff so he'd never have to go in a home, she said that was a huge comfort to her. I am going to stay over once a week in the New year so Mum gets an evening off and I can do some therapy with Geoff, going to re teach him how to cook so he can help out Mum more. I wish I had a car so I could help out more. Maybe all my good deeds will randomly land me a car... either that or a stroke.

Looking forward to this evening with Lettuce and her tall brother, that should cheer me massively. Plus their radiant mother is cooking beef! always a winner

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