Monday, 14 December 2009

Day Twelve - helping out a hairy chap

Yesterdays blog tried and failed a couple of times, so it came out a mish mash, although I am sure you will all cope without knowing what happened to me on Friday.

Woke, massively cosy on my friends sofa then yawned and slid nicely into a cup of tea. Had a very intellectual conversation about at what stage it was still ok to feed a venus fly trap a dead fly when there would still be enough blood in it and whether or not the fly automatically expelled it's blood upon death. Then my tall friend kindly took me home. I gave him an old sky remote as a thank you. what can I give him tomorrow as a token of my appreciation? a partially defrosted meat ball? The insole from my hiking boot? the treats are endless.

I showered and ate a vegan pie, it was niiice. Then My hairy friend called to come and pick me up to go to town to mull over the stresses of his relationships. (I became very aware that my neighbours may think I was up to no good when it occured to me that I was dropped off in my pjama's by my tall friend at 12:00 then picked up, dress this time obviously, by my hairy friend at 13:00. what do these divorcees get up to in this day and age I wonder?)

We sat in the Friary for a drink and tried to analyze what may have gone wrong, from his part, relationship wise. Then after we decided that a cup of tea at my house was a better option being cheaper. Got very excited at the prospect of a program entitled "Pet chimp rips of owners face" but it was a lot less interesting then we had first thought, and just told us of what we had already known about keeping pet chimps. Don't keep wild animals as pets. They are wild. They will, inevitably, eat your legs or rip your face off.

Hairy friend went home. I cooked a small joint of beef for myself, managed to neatly slice off part of my finger when cutting it, but that's fine. Watched Fat Actress then went to bed. Didn't sleep AT ALL. Stupid nightmares.

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