Monday, 28 December 2009

Day Twenty Seven - A very small good deed, so small it's just a dee...

Got up very early this morning with Tabba curled up on me feet. Stayed in my brother'd old bedroom, which I call 'the pod' as it is right at the end of the top floor of the house. Furthest from the front door. As I woke I deduced that it would be the perfect room in which to sleep if the world was full of zombies. Dad's house is the perfect location but the pod is the best room. It's all the way down the long corridor and you have to go through one room to get to it. Both doors lock to, so the zombie's would have to get through the first door at which time you would have heard them; at which point you have a choice of small window (quite low down so would not damage if lept) but if the zombie's were out the front you could go up into the attic door (also lockable) where you can access all the up stairs rooms (most have guns in anyway - country folk) and there is another main attic room which used to be my other brother's bedroom which has a ladder back down to the second floor, or if that's got zombie's on it, it also has an abseiling fire escape so can get away that way to. All these things are true about my father's house... apart from the zombie's coming from all directions (this time).

After plotting my escape from a possible apocalyptic situation I fed Tabba, then went for a mooch around the fields being, followed by the sheep, then walking to the river to see the tree I used to hide up as a child. I then nipped to see the chickens who all sounded like individual whistley kettles at different stages of boiling. I made recordings for Lettuce so she could listen to it on the flight home - lucky son of a gun. I took some photos of dad's house as I have finally found away to make panoramic shots, I could never usually fit it on a camera properly. Awkward shaped building. Sadly this blogger wont let me upload the panoramics - pffft. So I shall upload the one from my dad's fields allt he beautiful mist (just imagine the zombie's stumbling forth)

I did some cleaning, went to collect the wood so the log basket  is full for my dear Papa upon his return - planned out the intro to a zombie film whilst I did. *note to self: think of both title to zombie film and rather spiffing soundtrack* Finished cleaning the cleaning, and tripple checked the packing in a borderline OCD fashion then got some eggs from the chicken run. the beauty of 'real' free range chicken's is the eggs are fucking huge. I got terribly excited as I picked up a corker and was convinced it was a double yolker. Sadly it was just a big egg, so I had it on some toast and managed to finish up just in time for Madders and her brother Tobin to arrive to take me to the train station. As we were leaving some random old boys slunk past our orchard with their shotguns over their arms, obviously off for a Yule Tide culling of some sorts - I flung open the boot in an attempt to get them as their silhouettes as they looked brilliant against the sun... alas I was too slow (or the old boys were much more nifty then they appeared)

Madder's and I skuttled through Norwich to get to the train station, a little pre-mature as we arrived 20 minutes early. My good deeeee, I let everyone older then me get on the train before me. To be fair one of the women (who was probably about 67) looked really appreciative, coincidentally she was the only one who said thank you, so I thought perhaps she was the kind of person who holds doors open for people or lets someone in front of her in a queue, so that felt good.

Long train home, but it was fine, I edited photos on Atticus, read Dracula, listened to my i-poood and was utterly overwhelmed by the sunset and the flat horizons (something you don't see in the midlands) Got to Nottingham to discover that trains between Notts and Derby had been cancelled for the day - brilliant. Fortunately I have fan-fucking-tastic friends and Brown bunny came to collect me. I love her.

Came home to cat poo, kindly deposited by Jason, so I cleaned up and bleached the floor like a bastard. Gave my lovely nieghbours chocolates for looking after the cats (they admited that Jason's eating noises gave them the right colly wobbles - he sounds like the devil is in him) then put some scran on, opened a bottle then dive bombed onto the sofa to watch hours and hours of Sky Plus.... where I still currently reside. Aaaah. Home Sweet Home x

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