Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Day Seven - Supporting siblings

Ahhh, I love Tuesdays. I have no Uni. I have a whole day to do what ever I want. Today I woke up feeling quite smug that I lay in til 7:30 and there was not a snifter of runny cat poo in sight. Hunkered round the house doing all the washing and making masses of vegetable cous cous to get me through the snack phases to stop me eating crisps. Wrote an essay about a woman's gradual demise into insanity (The Yellow Wallpaper) turned the TV on eleven times as it's being an utter cock at the moment. Then made plans to be moochy throughout the day.

Decided to have a bath for about the 4th time this year, I shower daily - after living with just a bath for 5 years, you tend to not have as many. Was just relaxing when my little sister, Berty, text me. Not having a good time at the moment. Massive heartbreak. So felt she needed some sisterly love so told her she should come over for dinner and I can embrace her warmly and offer her my pearls of wisdom. She gratefully accepted.

Eyebrows made a brief apperance to collect the washing he had left the week before. Looked like he'd been poured out in a gelatinous state, made me feel all the better for deciding to divorce him.

Berty arrived, we trotted around Sainsbugs, then I attempted words of comfort as she wept on the floor of the kitchen. Hopefully I was of some comfort. Fortunately Jason diluted the mortified cries by doing a literal steaming shit right in front of us. Lovely.

Anyone want a cat?

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