Thursday, 10 December 2009

Day Nine - Taking time to talk to a teacher

Woke today to the gentle purring of Nelson. A small, but very cute cat (who is currently curled into a splodge with her mother and sister. A collage of tabby, ginger, stripey and gray - with the occasional twitching ear) I had slept well, which was a good sign.

Got up and showered. Found a little Jason sized cat poo on the bath mat - it did not phase me, I just flung the mat into the washing machine. Tried the heating AND the telly. Both worked fine. I am starting to think I have a ghost. Got ready for Uni, fed all the cats, turned to witness Agnelli projectile vomiting off the sky plus box. Cleaned it up and then strode off to uni with the sun blaring feeling smug about nothing more then my own smugness.

Arrived at Uni, we are doing our advertising course work in English at the mo, much fun. So Martin, Liam and I spent the day laughing heartily and recording our advert in the sunshine only to discover (after 4 hours) that the camera was broken. Fortunately our Lecturer (the aforementioned bird like one) likes us and has said we can have an extension. To be honest, she offered us that before the camera broke...

... My good deed. Yet again small. I couldn't find the charger for my video camera so we had to borrow one from uni, So Mo (fleety bird) said she would take me downstairs to sort out a camera for me. Just as we left one of the students started demanding to know when she would mark the essay we had to hand in to student services two days ago. And poor Mo, started to expell this little tweety rant about how students seem to think that tutors have nothing but their work as their lives. Aside from marking all their other classes they also have things to deal with at home.

After letting her simmer for a minute I quietly asked if she was ok and if everything was alright. Turns out her husband has got cancer. Has had it for a long time. This weekend he had just had one of those bad weekends so she was just constantly in hospital with him. She was fine, she just needed to get pissed off a bit I think. Maybe she found comfort in me becuase of what happened to Geoff, so she felt I could understand. Either way I was happy to help, and understand now why I always liked her.

In all honesty, the woman who had irked her into this fury in the first place, annoys me greatly. She sits in a group or equally as annoying women who all tend to blame the world for the fact they have so many children from equally as many fathers, so as a result they make us all suffer with poorly thought out jokes and ill thought out guilt trips. Urrph.

Do hope Mo's husband is alright though, have no idea how shite that must feel and I massively hope I never have to.

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