Sunday, 13 December 2009

Days Ten and Eleven - Two days in one, because I can

Had a rather spiffing night all in all. Much joy and merriment, and Pinty seemed to enjoy herself.

Woke the following day to find a pint sized Scottish woman in my bed. Got a lovely call from Bozz on Skype who got very excited by the posh tone of my voice and the Scottish garb emerging from Pinty. I then spent the day slithering round the house cleaning in a half arsed fashion and being horizontal watching bollocks on Sky plus.

Several people phoned me for both advice and general chuntering. I showered and flattened my hair and face then sat and wrote Christmas cards. Just passed 6 my tall friend picked me up and we went to his, where he, Lettuce and I watched a small cluster of things on TV and ate left of vegan Lasagne. I have to admit I did shit myself during Paranormal Activity, but felt the end massively anti-climatic.

Was sad that Eddie Izzard's dvd was such a poor effort. He was so good live this year, and to be frank I am annoyed at him as when ever I recommend a show at theirs it always ends up being a stinker! COME ON EDDIE! SNORT IT OUT.  he shames my name.

No obvious good deed, although I feel my general wit and internal farts for my good friends are a good enough deed for anyone.

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