Sunday, 27 December 2009

Wow! Five days in one, Day Twenty Six - Forced Festivities

Apologies again for how lame I have been at writing the last few days, I know you are all on tenderhooks anticipating what will happen next in my life. Sadly, has been not so exciting.

I spent Christmas Eve, Eve with Wifey. She lovingly made me a gorgeous Christmas dinner with all the fancy trimmings and the table set and everything. We opened crackers, danced in the snow, drank heavily, opened presents and shouted to everyone about how much we adored each other. Red Lobster came home to find us shooting at each other with foam disc guns with our cracker hats askew. We had made him some dinner for him though. We called the Chicken 'Snow Wifey' and she tasted great.

I headed on the train to Suffolk to stay with my Dad, I had not wanted to go as was feeling decidedly shite about last year but after a mixture of comforting words and vicious threats from my dear brother I decided I would go. Lengthly journey and was greeted by the strangest sight. I was at one end of the platform and noticed that people were suddenly jumping out of the way from something. When they parted I saw this strange character running like a bastard towards me, a fireball of colour. I then realised that it was my father dressed in bright red cords and a sunshine yellow jacket bombing it towards me like he was running from a bear. I did contemplate darting to the right to avoid him and pretend I didn't know this loon who was rapidly picking up a dangerously fast pace, but by this point is nimble knees had reached me and almost knocked me down.

Had a rather spiffing time with my brother although had the usual struggles around coping with my father, but was alright. Didn't help that I was still feeling so annoyingly blue. Had wonderful presents. Widget (my perpetually grinning brother) bought me my fav Stolivich Vodka and gave me a brilliant massage. We also drank plenty and he cooked a rather cracking fillet of Venison. It.... was.... amazing. Thought i'd add here dad's home grown butternut squash's. They are supposed to look like this but I found them rather malignant looking.

Boxing day Widget and I headed to Colchester to check out his new house. Very nice. Then headed back to Suffolk to the the party with The Numpties (dad's gang) which was silly party games, fine wines and roast lamb. One of their own lambs which made it taste even better knowing the springy lamb had, had such a jolly Suffolk life.  They also have many, many farm cats. They are very cute but all out doors, but they had let one kitten move in who was tiny. I thought it was about 5 weeks old, but apparently she's 3 months but just hasn't grown. I fell in love, but I have no room. I did think of keeping her as travel kitty. Here she is sat on the chair, how teeny tiny?

Today all the old's, plus Widget headed to Newcastle to my cousin's wedding. I spent the day with my eldest sister and glorious niece and am now home alone at my dad's with just the roaring fire and Tabba for company.

My good deeds you wonder? I have been doing the family good deeds, entertaining relatives at both ends of the scale, the very young and the very old. So have been having very in depth conversations with my 96 year old Gran about how she feels this will be her last Christmas (she says this every time I see her, as I said to her "You keep promising this Gran, yet every time I visit - here you are!") then other very serious conversations with my 4 year old niece; her wearing green eye make up in her eyebrows and on her upper lip, a little the like the Fuhrer, plus a bridesmaid's dress, snow boots and a brown afro wig; about how she is a very busy 27 year old lady who has to re build her brick wall. Both conversations were gripping. Am also going to clean the house in the morning before I leave so my step mother can relax and just chill when she gets back from the wedding.

So now I have the one night before home. Madders (Widget's beautiful missus) is over later to join me in a rather spiffing meal of left over Venison and home grown malignant veg plus very posh wine from my father's wine cellar. She is also taking me to the station on the moro, which is very kind of her. What larks. What else could make this evening brilliant? oh yes... my favourite beer...

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