Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Day Twenty Eight - A good deed for the undeserved...

Woke feeling happy to be home, cats draped all over me, the familiar grip of asthma curling round my lungs followed by the usual skulking about searching for the stray poo deposited by the stray cat, Jason. Found puddles of what can only be described as 'water poo'. I need to find this cat a home, he looks so sad but I refuse to cuddle him as it would be un fair to him. He's looking healthy now, he's now white and getting a bit of a tummy, which is a huge improvement to the dirty beige colour he was when he first arrived and he was so skinny. I'm glad he's better but I would love for my house to not stink of shite.

I decided to go into town as I wanted some long length fingerless gloves as that means I can still type/ write/ draw/ take photos etc and keep my palms and my limp wrists cosy. I also wanted a little radio as my kitchen one died and I miss listening to Radio 4 as I pootle around the kitchen talking to myself and forgetting what I am doing. Plus the usual shampoo as I keep on forgetting to buy it and it's not the done thing for one to continue washing ones hair with shower gel.

Anyway, en route to the shop where I wished to purchase said gloves I was asked by two pre pubesant girls (i'd say 13) if i'd go into the shop of which they were loitering outside of (Supercigs) and buy them fags. No 'please' was mentioned, so I simple said "Nope". After which they decided to mock my accent loudly. I stopped and several things came into my mind of what to say to them... Why should I risk being arrested for two dirty little gutter snipes who probably wont be able to smoke as they will be pregnant before the New Year has peaked? Go into the shop and tell the people behind the counter what they are up to, but that could lead to them following me around for the rest of the day shouting intellectual things such as "slag" or "bitch", Pretend I am a police woman and put the shits up them (although the majority of the teens in the Midlands just spit in the face of authority and point out that nothing can be done to them until they are 18 - by then they'll have several kids all trained to be a tiny army of pick pockets and ner-do-wells), or pretend to be a doctor and mention that last week I treated a women in her late twenties who had cancer of the mouth from smoking and I had to have her lower jaw removed as a result of this, hoping that would give them the colly wobbles? but knowing the only way to get through to children like that is to take their money pretending to buy the cigarettes then kicking them repeatedly in the face until they drop and that wasn't really worth going to jail for, I just said something derogatory using words they couldn't understand then stick my finger up at them behind me as I walked away (using one term they evidently did understand) and due to their massive lack of intellect they didn't know what to say. By the time I had waited for the lights and crossed the road I did hear them trying to shout something, but seeming as it had taken them all that time to think of that and it only consisted of one syllable I thought I could probably deduce the jist of what they were trying to put forward. Ignorant little cunts.

So there, my good deed, un appreciated and un deserved. I know that someone who is just 18 will see their request as a compliment and gladly buy them cigarettes. But I would not. So for today I have almost saved some kids from cancer.... well, saved them from a good 14 minute coughing fit at least. They shall live to see another day, and I bought my gloves and decided that I would wait for the January sales for the Radio. £20 is too expensive for summit so teeny.

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