Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Day Fifteen - Down memory lane

My good deed for today was to talk to Mo (bird like tutor) again. She apologized for being late to Literature and commented that although everyone has their own problems and it really shouldn't be an excuse, she also had problems at the moment. At coffee break time I was heading towards the stairs when she asked me to go in the teachers lift with her, I asked about her husband first of all (sensing that she hadn't asked me in the lift to get a closer whiff of my perfume) and straight away she started talking about how he fell over and was pouring with blood from his head, but being a man refused hospital and she had not slept since Friday. Poor Mo. She obviously felt better for off loading on me. I have found I have a few people using me for that purpose these days. I say 'using' not as a derogatory term. It's nice to know I am such a comfort to people, makes me feel like I have a purpose. Other then just spouter of bollocks and cat warmer.

Enjoyed Uni today. Mo gave us a general knowledge quiz. We had to make up our team names. Myself and my team mates proved both our age and our twattishness by calling ourselves 'The Irritable Vowels"... we did win though, and circled the room in a huge gloating fashion, like true old winners.

Got the bus to town as it was raining and I had lost my umbrella AGAIN, and met Pinty for a hot chocolate at The Strand (a lovely little cafe that boasts high tea and scones) I also had the delightful pleasure of meeting her youngest, Douglas. Who is stupendously cute, cheeky and almost identical to his mother. They spent a lot of time sticking their tongues out at each other whilst nose to nose, the similarity was uncanny, and also delicious, they obviously adore one another. I know all parents love their children, but the constant grinning between these pair is gorgeous!

We had a light scrant around the Westside centre, but I had to leave shortly after as I was buying presents for Lettuce and Wifey and Tin-Tin and I really had to stop as I was rapidly running out of money. So I got the bus home (due to the massive rainfall) which was when I started to tumble down memory lane. As my i-pod shuffled onto Angel by Sarah Mclachlan, a song I listened to constantly when I first moved here 10 years ago, at the grand old age of 17, and I haven't really heard for about 4 years and my mind plummeted down the swirling vortex of my previous years occasionally twatting itself on something i'd completely forgot about. For example the old shop I used to walk passed daily which used to say "Star Discount" but had been altered to say something entirely different and massively offensive for the middle of the street, yet it was stood there for 5 years without one complaint. In fact it was only when I stood in the street to take photos, it was taken down the following week. So glad I managed to get a photo of it...

Aaah, I do love the things I remember sometimes. I would stodge down into my brain for another memory for you all, but I shall save them for you. It is only day fifteen after all.

I got home. Tidied. Did all the laundry. Hung up a few Christmas decorations, which cheered me up a little. Wrapped a load of presents, which really cheered me up. Ate some food. And now I am sitting on the sofa covered in over grown kittens wishing I had a diet coke grasped in my chubby fist.

It's going to snow over the next couple of days, I am SO EXCITED!

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