Sunday, 6 December 2009

Day Three - A poor excuse for a good deed

Sadly today's has been a bit of a bumbleweed effort. Although I staggered around Sainsbury's with sheer desperation in my teeth looking for a good deed to be done, there was nothing. No small child teetering on the top of the adult cereal shelf after he had got over whelmed by the curiosity of the elusive boob shaped corn flake, ready for me to swoop in and catch him in my arms as he plummets towards the ground. No bachelor carelessly ignoring the wet floor sign only to slip and spin 9 times through the air like an ice dancer only for me to skillfully throw scatter cushions to cushion his fall. Not even an old lady choking on a rusk.

So today's report it pitiful. It was my friends birthday, so I went round with two bottles of posh wine and gave him my last jar of home-made onion jam, plus hours of my radiant presence and thigh slapping wit.

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